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The Story of Participatory Defense

We have told this story at dinner tables, conferences, and courthouse hallways across the country. Here is the story of how participatory defense came to be.

Californication Gets Remade With San Jo Flavor

Check out San Jose emcee Cola as he drops his new single that riffs from that memorable West Coast classic by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

From 1890's to Now: If You Want To Know About Bicycling History, Come To San José

What brings together the valley's diverse cycling community from mountain bikers, to fixed gear riders, lowrider, custom and bike polo riders? The Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival & Bicycle Show at History Park, a first of its kind gathering, and Diane Solomon's beautiful vision brought to life through a collaboration with History San José and innovators like Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Gooseneck Bicycles and the Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers.

Tenants Want San Jose to Strengthen Renter Protections

Working Partnerships USA, Affordable Housing Network, PACT, Silicon Valley De Bug, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, Sacred Heart Housing Action Committee, the South Bay Labor Council and Silicon Valley Rising have been working together in the recent months to get more renter protections for San Jose tenants, this past week they took their concerns to the city to move forward with renter's rights.

Palo Alto to Enforce the Largest Mass Displacement of People in History of the City

Buena Vista Mobile Park is currently the home of roughly 400 Palo Alto residents. But the largely Latino community is soon to be removed from their home due to the property owners closing the park, and the City Council's agreement to the closure. Aram James writes the impending removal amounts to "ethnic cleansing."

Join San José in Honoring the Life of Local Leader Sofia Mendoza this Sunday

San José recently lost Sofia Mendoza, a pioneer in community activism and organizing. In some ways, the work De-Bug and other San Jose organizations do around police and community relations is a continuation of the work pioneers like Sofia Mendoza. We have been blessed to be able to work with Sofia during her time and continue to build with her son, William, as well. Below, Fred Hirsch, a longtime labor rights leader, shares a short tribute to Sofia and William invites the community to his mother's memorial. The memorial in honor of Sofia's life and dedication to San Jose and its people will be held this Sunday May 17th at the Mexican Heritage Plaza 2pm – 7pm. The event is open to the public.

The Key to Tidal’s Survival is Versatility, But It Needs a Free Option

As Jay Z goes all out to bring on more subscribers to his music streaming service Tidal, adding a two date concert to stream live, music lovers say a free option is key to its survival.

We are Regeneration Against Destruction: Yerba Buena Youth

Regeneration Against Destruction is a youth based collective from San Jose, CA. Members of the collective have been working since 2013 to regenerate their community against some of the destruction they see everyday. Starting with free markets to provide free materials to homeless folks at the jungle, San Jose R.A.D. has now expanded its work into urban gardening projects and youth programs. It will continue to grow as the seeds of regeneration are in all of us and community will always regenerate against those forces that destroy us. Please consider working with us to challenge corruption, inequality, injustice, oppression and violence in our communities!

A Black Mother Moved to Action For Her Sons, When The Killing of Other Unarmed Black Young Men Is Too Much

A mother of two young sons is moved to action unable to continue to sit by and watch innocent lives being taken by those that are supposed to protect them. Ennaoj is determined to make a difference so that her boys know that their lives matter.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame: 13 Songs That You Probably Had No Clue Were Anti-Female

Christopher Patrick Nelson spent his teens and early twenties immersing himself in rock culture — magazines, books, album liner notes, and black leather jacket. A music genius of some sorts, he converted to Islam that got him serious about feminism, and had to reconsider the songs of great Rock artists that he once loved.
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