CALIFAZ CULTURE - exhibition of photographer Felipe R. Vazquez

This exhibition showcased photos taken from cameras from the 50’s and 60’s allowing film photography to be showcased as an art form. Take a look.

Solo exhibition of photographer Felipe R. Vazquez opening reception at the Secret Sidewalk Art Gallery. Felipe R. Vazquez is a 25 year old photographer from Newark, California. His photography is strongly influenced by his community and Chicano culture. He shoots both digital and film photography. He is currently the vice president of the Art Association of the East Bay and director of the Exposure Program which mentors urban youth in the Bay Area interested in photography and the arts. The show will be curated by Amanda Sofia Villalobos, with custom framing by Ryan Espinoza.

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Fernando J. Perez is a video journalist and a digital media instructor at Silicon Valley De-Bug.  

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