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Articles Published on October 4, 2011

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog/Profile: Local San Jose Hip-Hop artist SwayD a.k.a Danny Day-Cali Calor

Cali Calor: This song was originally inspired by the instrumental produced by Bless. Once I heard the beat, I felt I should do something that would really make people think with some unique lyricism. "Calor" in Spanish means heat and that's what I went off of to write the hook:"The world is so cold but I bring Calor".

The Feministing Five: Jean Melesaine

Feministing.com features our very own Jean Melesaine. She speaks on how she found her way to her life calling of helping others and being a voice for people of color. Anna Sterling of feministing.com interviews Jean and gives us insight to one of the Bay's hardest souls, and the struggles that she has overcome.
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