We Speak Baylingual Music Blog/Profile: Local San Jose Hip-Hop artist SwayD a.k.a Danny Day-Cali Calor

Cali Calor: This song was originally inspired by the instrumental produced by Bless. Once I heard the beat, I felt I should do something that would really make people think with some unique lyricism. "Calor" in Spanish means heat and that's what I went off of to write the hook:"The world is so cold but I bring Calor".

Originally born in Puerto Rico, SwayD (a.k.a. Danny Day) moved to California with his family in 1984. He has lived in various parts of the Golden State including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose. His musical journey began at age 9 when he started playing drums and other percussion. In 2002 he helped form the LA live hip-hop crew known as Herbin' Prophets. As a founding member, SwayD helped write, produce, and arrange for the group and also performed live at several venues. Now in the South Bay, SwayD strives to keep that hip-hop legacy alive. Lyrically, SwayD brings an originality that has truly been missing and he does it in English and Spanish. After working on his debut album "The Blessing" in 2008, SwayD followed up with his mixtape series known as "The No Budget Mixtapes." SwayD joined forces with San Jose local Big K to produce a project known as "Cali Hooligans" with all original tracks and featuring some of the hottest artists in town. He is also working on several other projects and continues work on his forthcoming album "Drums & Bass." Recently, SwayD collaborated with Oakland's Rob Reason with a track titled "Babylon Soon Fall" on the "Microphone Madness" project (Available on iTunes) made to raise money for Aids Walk 2011. Also, he started movement on Project Street Peeps in which packages with toiletries, snacks and water are handed out to homeless people that are struggling. Whether it's performing in LA and the Bay Area, producing music, or being active in his community SwayD strives to be an example to others and to always bring musical expression of the highest caliber. SwayD is a true musician and a real hip hop lyricist so you can expect to hear from him more and more as he continues to grow as an artist.

02 Cali Calor- by Sway D by Ookie of Baylingual

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I am the acting manger for a local hip-hop artist, Dre Gainezz, from Oklahoma. We will be in the SanJose area in Dec 12 and wanted to find out about venues that welcome indie hip-hop artist and allow a performance venue.

Thanks, 405-474-7708

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