Why I Still Support Omar Gaddafi, and How Africa Lost One of the Last Leaders Against Foreign Subterfuge

As many celebrate the death of the longtime Libyan leader, one commentator gives a historical analysis of Gadaffi's efforts to challenge imperialism.

I'm going to go out on a limb. I'm going to defend Omar Gaddafi. I remember clearly when Reagan bombed his home killing his 3 year old adopted daughter. The cause was that Gaddafi offered aid to anti-colonial resistance fighters in Palestine, Northern Ireland and allegedly bombed a plane in Scotland. I am not a judge, a jury or an executioner so I will not say it is a good thing Gaddafi was killed. Gaddafi was a revolutionary from the era of the Cuban revolution, the red brigades in Europe and unrest in the Middle East. He challenged the European right to dominate Africa's natural resources, he pushed for a strong united Africa to counter NATO and the UN; who tend to be apathetic when it counts like during the Rwandan genocide. The US and our gang of empire builders are crushingly brutal when the rich are threatened, under the thinly veiled heist have plundered billions, froze the national assets of any one who speaks out against our perception as the rightful rulers of the less fortunate, infected children with toxins using depleted uranium under the guise of protecting the people. Libya is not the same as Egypt, Gaddafi was a beloved leader of his country and luminary in his sphere of influence. He challenged the U.S., E.U. and Israel. He built free houses, offered low loans to young couples starting a family, electricity was free, gas at .14 cents a liter, irrigated lands barren since Rome sowed salt into the fields of ancient Carthage and brought the educational standard up from illiteracy to high rates of graduate students.

Gaddafi was not conspired against because he was a weak, stupid despot who used cruelty and violence. He was killed because of his influence to other African and Middle Eastern leaders to free the yoke of racial apartheid and ownership of much of the continents riches by foreign opportunists. Africa is a jewel of unspoiled beauty, but the people live in deplorable conditions, usually the west supports coups and dictatorships as long as they are outwardly friendly to the historical slave owners. America wants to claim a standard of humanity, but how many of the worlds most sadistic death squads were trained at Ft. Benning School of the Americas. Often when US boots hit the ground instead of CIA counter-revolutionary advisors it is to reclaim a large conglomerate nationalized by a 3rd world power. My point is Gaddafi was a benevolent force in the world, the slander, propaganda and coerced witnesses used to paint him a Bin Laden is shaky at best. The man did things his own way, lived as the ultimate leader in any mans dream, female virgin body guards. He was not an Islamic radical, but the post Gaddafi Libya is based of Sharia law, which is nasty to women, executes rape victims and fails to prosecute honor killings and acid attacks.

Look at the governments of our allies: Saudi Arabia = scum that on one side fund jihad and on the other are in bed with the oil arm of the Bush family, Pakistan = scum with countless atrocities against women, Colombia = scum that whole sale murdered their indigenous population to sell land to United Fruit/Coca-Cola, Israel recreated the ghettos of Hitler for the native inhabitants of Palestine. But what do you expect from a country that killed 200 million Native Americans to steal their land, gave syphilis to African veterans and violated Lakota treaties to steal gold from the Black Hills. Guns and enslavement are our chief export so any stance taken by Washington is usually untrustworthy and designed to perpetuate the wrongs Marx outlined in the Communist Manifesto. America needs our own revolution, we traded the ideals of our founding fathers for the wish list of fascist elements of our police and military as well as the Robber Barons and Arms Merchants who seem to get their guys in every election. If the precedent for changing an oppressive system is bodies dragged through the streets it wont take long before it is the Chennys, Kissengers, Bush 1 and 2, Rockafellers and Bernakis being led to the guillotine, and rightly so. We have reached a point where peaceful talk is deaf and the last time an American President stood out was JFK, and we know how his story ended. Gaddafi is an example of what the poor of the world should look for, not as one man leading nations, but of masses of people tired of having contempt daily from the ruling class and shadow government with a shifty idea of rule of law and fair trade.

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Fallen Hero, Kicked the ass of big oil, supported his people with free health care, ended homelessness in Libya and build water pipeline (not oil pipeline) to serve impoverished rural areas. Gaddafi was trying to make the quality of life in afirca (a historically abused and criminally occupied continent) for the subaltern peoples of the eurpean and american 400 year rape and murder frenzy.

question , the clandestine subversory involvement of Nato special operatives ?

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