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If Mascots Really Represented Their Schools

Is your school making the grade? The following video shows what mascots would look like if they were linked to their school's academic performance.

Injustice Should Not Be Normal-- Why Wells Fargo Shouldn’t Sell the Woodland Park Apartments in East Palo Alto to Equity Residential

A 19-year-old East Palo Alto organizer speaks on behalf of hundreds of families in East Palo Alto.

My Journey Towards Recovery

Cynthia Darrow, 31 is currently on parole and a single mother of her 15 month year old son. She shares her trials with addiction to meth at a young age and where it stems from.

Block2Block Radio: San Jose Man Hunt, Realignment, Mayweather/Ortiz

Complete Block2Block radio show from 9/21/11 with call in commentary ESPN sports writer Paula Duffy and more.

Young, Broke, & Livin'

Young, Broke, & Livin' is a continuous body of photography by Vanessa Sanchez de Tagle.

Troy Davis Dies, But Will His Movement Live On?

After a number delays, and a groundswell of support which included celebrities and national civil rights organizations, Troy Davis was executed in Georgia. Author Demone Carter wonders about future of the movement which called for his freedom, one that was widely built through social media.

Santa Clara County DA’s Office to Now Consider “Collateral Consequences”

In response to the increasing number of immigrants deported for minor offenses, the DA’s offense is implementing a new approach which allows prosecutors to consider factors beyond the limited scope of the charge and sentence.

"Go Smart" -- Painting My School Experience

While painting a mural he calls "Go Smart", Ulises Rodriguez, a San Jose high school student, shares his thoughts on teachers, charter schools, and where he wants his talents to take him. Other students who see his work interpret the title, and say what it means to them to "go smart."

Believe the Hype--hip-hop unites with spray cans, beats and the power of the youth.

Believe the Hype was an arts showcase that brought together the elements of hip-hop for a day of creative passion and unity.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Rapper J-Walk's "Imagine That"

J-Walk is a young Latino artist who has music in his vains. All types of musical influences which is recognized in his lyrics and voice. While nothing stands in front of him to reach his fullest potential in this music game while bringing the truth with some rhythm.
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