Chat Roulette: Gambling with Love, Loneliness, and a Whole lot of Naked

When Cesar told his sister Stephanie that he met a "Tahitian girl" on the internet, she began her investigation into this international chatting experience.

"Yo, Steph, I made a pen pal," my brother says as he puts down his man-purse.

"Cesar, what are you talking about?!"

My brother is an accidental vegetarian, the type of guy that is all about meeting new people and always finds good in them. Cesar gushes about this new website he found called Chat Roulette, where you get to video chat with people from all over the globe, from Russia to the UK and down to the good ‘ol U.S.A. 

"Yeah! She's from Tahiti! And she is super cool. She said she is gonna send me a necklace, from Tahiti! Isn't that cool?!?"

"Cesar, let me get this straight, you mean to tell me you gave this, supposed, Tahitian girl you found on the internet 10 minutes ago your REAL address?"

"Yeah. She's gonna send me a necklace... from Tahiti!" Cesar is saying this with a huge smile on his face, looking at me as if expecting a congratulations.

“Cesar, you do realize that this Tahitian girl is probably a man, looking for online victims, and will be knocking on the door tomorrow to give you your necklace then kill you!"

The expression on my brother’s face quickly changed from a huge smile, to a half-certain one, and chuckled. With each chuckle he exuded more and more fear.

Five seconds later I hear him asking my dad if he had a P.O. box address he can have something sent to.

So, I decided to take the liberty to see exactly what type of website Chat Roulette was all about, and exactly what my brother was doing on his spare time.

I couldn't believe how easy it was to just jump on this website. Basically, search and as long as you have a video camera you're set to go. No user name needed, no password required. You don’t even have to squint and strain your eyes trying to decode the blurry security question!

Chat Roulette can be described as a virtual speed-dating service. The website randomly chooses a person for you to chat with. If you like what you see, you make the decision to either try to make a deeper-than-skin connection or clicking a button on the upper left hand corner labeled NEXT and Chat Roulette will pick, at random, another person you can chat with, if you so chose.

The first picture that popped up was a young, white boy sitting shirtless on his bed. Lucky for me, his white, fluffy sheets were covering his lower body because who know what he had (or didn't) have on underneath those sheets. Keep in mind that I was at De-Bug, fumbling around, trying to get the right angle in the camera, Tiburon, trying to adjust the audio, and Fernando walking back and forth in the background getting ready for an interview. I don’t know if he got a little intimidated or felt as uncomfortable as I did but next thing you know, he clicks NEXT.

The next person that fate brought me to was this guy from Siberia, Russia. The first thing he said was “Wow, I thought all Americans were fat!” I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that, so I just asked his name. He said Max. He was 30, with one child, and divorced. I asked him the question I asked each one of the men I got a chance to chat with, which was “What is it that you are looking to find on this website?” He said he was simply bored, and so was I, so I thanked him for his time and clicked NEXT.

The next guy that was fully clothed and willing to talk was this guy named Aitor from Spain. He seemed very depressed and didn’t hesitate to say it. He kept telling me he was very sad. But when I asking him why, he would respond with a derogatory remark. For instance, “You look like you have a tight ass, do you play any sports?” and “You look like you have a nice body, why do you cover it up with a Turtle neck?” I told him walking around in a spaghetti strap with winds up to 70 mph wasn’t quite my forte! I wished him luck and recommended depression pilled then clicked NEXT.

Last but not least, I finished my chat session with a man wearing nothing but a police hat, an Italian guy named Alex. He had a real devilish smirk on his face and I felt as if he was undressing me with his eyes. He said he enjoyed boobs. I said “that’s good” and asked him his purpose of being on this site. He replied with “el panuche.” Which I believe translates to “the pussy”. Unfortunately I had to run and had to cut our awkward conversation short.

I wouldn’t quite categorize Chat Roulette as a taboo, nor would I consider it the most legitimate website to search for new singles. It’s sad to say but many people like to judge a person by their appearance. And within seconds they know, or don’t know, that that person is someone they will be compatible with. I do believe Chat Roulette is a fun site to get a few laughs. And laughing is always good for everyone! I personally wouldn’t jump on Chat Roulette if I found myself bored, depressed, or horny. I was surprised to see how many people have so much time on their hands and how bored they can get to try and get some type of arousal on line.

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Nicely put. I have never gone on that website and it sounds like I wouldn't want to.

Very well written article thus I believe you showed what Chat Roulette is all about in a nutshell! NIce! This had me laughing too hard!

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