SJ$1DAY - A Movement to Support Independent SJ Artists

WHAT IS SJ$1DAY ? Dem-One, "San Jose's self appointed Hip Hop ambassador" plans on launching an event called SJ$1DAY, March 31st 2012. The Idea is for the community to support local artists by spending one dollar for one song on one day.

SJ$1Day is an initiative sponsored by Click on the link. The idea is to get as many people as possible to spend at least $1 on San Jose based music March 31st 2012. If this sounds like an idea you can get behind please click on and fill out the SJ$1Day online pledge.


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no offense but this is a little offensive .I would hope that people's art is worth more than a dollar to them and to people who appreciate there art and wanna support it. Artist some times go there whole lives with out making money off there art. again no offense to the event but i wouldn't touch pen to paper for a dollar, beggars on the street make more.

A song for a dollar sounds like the average price of a single track to me,so how is it offensive to the artists? Most of them don't do it for the money and touch pen to paper for nothing more than the love of the music and the art , not a dollar. I will be supporting this and spending multiple dollars for nothing more than to help progress this local underground hip hop movement

A true artist will put pen to paper for free. And the idea is to get everyone who listens to sj-based hip hop to throw down a dollar on their favorite these artists will be making more than a dollar because more than one person will be paying to listen to their music.

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