Photo Essay: Miss Hispanidad 2012 Fantasy

Miss Hispanidad Gay is a yearly pageant where cross-dressers from all around California come to participate in a 4 week long competition. This photo essay covers the 3rd week of the pageant, the contestants display "Fantasy."

The competition takes place in Oakland. They are judged in 3 different categories; beauty, talent, and showcasing a fantasy. In this fantasy portion of the pageant Ximena Monroe displayed herself as an owl. I have been following her for a couple of months going from show to show working of a documentary on her passionate road to winning a crown.

All the contestants getting ready back stage.

Ximena just seconds before going on stage.

Ximena displaying herself as an owl for the judges.

Ximena right after displaying herself to the judges.


Tiburonfb is a psychonaut photograp(her) from the bay area who is always hungry to consume everything that is culture, counter-culture, and sub-culture, he is also founder of the up and coming cumulative photographer's website

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