When "Hella" and "Y'all" Meet: De-Bug Connects with Rio Grande Community Along the Border

De-Bug traveled to the US/Mexico border to connect with organizations working in the Rio Grande Valley. Here is a collection of tweets, instagram shots, facebook posts and youtube uploads chronicling the amazing work being done in an area where the communities pre-date the demarcations of national boundries.

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These pictures brought tears to my eyes. Especially the ones showing the meeting with people raising their hands.

There is nothing more glorious to me then to see people gathering together, united, to right wrongs, to better themselves and their community, to make change for good. This is what democracy looks like--everyone has a voice and is respected and considered.

Many thanks to De-Bug for journeying so far, making sacrifices, in order to share your skills, to teach good people wherever they are the tools you know so they can speak truth to power and change who has the power.

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