Rock Me Til' I'm Deaf (Poetry Series)

A series of poems from San Jose based author Miguel Gonzalez.

Rock Me 'Till I'm Deaf
Miguel Gonzalez 

The Chant

(It is my belief that music is the most powerful force that humans can harness, positive music that is. This is my serenade to music, my best friend)

With rhythm and rhyme I’ll give you juice you need to move

You can call it music but it’s magic what we musicians do

And we do it for the love, because the money doesn’t pay

Unless you know where you’re going, sometimes the money’s in the way

But don’t get me wrong, I’ll take that money any way

You’re my remedy when I’m sick, a pill of power when I’m weak

I’ll take you slow I’ll take you quick, in my dreams I hear you speak

Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul, Just Rock Me Till I’m Deaf


A baseline moves it forward from beginning to the end

Never try to live without you, Rebel music my best friend

I pick up the guitar to go far, strum the strings until I’m stranded

Melody is her name and when I’m lost she is my mansion

Piano play your part for the rich and the poor

Hear the voices throw you praise, begging you for more

You’re my space ship so I take your sound straight to the moon

Bring money to me when I sing, from December through to June

Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul, Just Rock Me Till I’m Deaf


Trumpets and Trombones, blowing thunder, war and peace

Calling on four winds to raise a storm of harmony

Saxophone so rough and raw, some call you horn of the devil

I don’t care ‘cause you’re a player, and the Saints love your treble

Doctor Drum go beat on wood and get the heartbeat goin’

The people got to move their feet, the bloods get floin’

Put it all together, highs and lows, big and small

Let the rhythm live forever, start steppin’ when it calls

Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul, Just Rock Me Till I’m Deaf


Because it started with the Blues when they took the drums away

Stupid master didn’t know what Africans would create

If the law won’t let me talk, then my song will explain

400 years of racist bigotry and pain,

Working class backs bare the burden today

Even many rich bodies that got lost on the way

How do we know we’re free if we can’t see the chains

Music is the sun when this world is rain

Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul, Just Rock Me Till I’m Deaf





All rapped up in Hip-Hop with a beat for my mind

I see DJ’s and breakers, MC’s and painters

But the industry is winnin’ so the roots are hard to find

Reggae from Jamaica, rebel music is the way

Spiritual, political, so I’m a soldier when I pray

Afro-Latin flavor for my international family

The sound connects the continents, let’s us know what’s happening 

They say disco killed the funk, but the funk can never die

Not with P-funk in the trunk, the mothership will always fly

So much soul in the air don’t need weed to get high

Just press play and let the speakers take my soul to the sky

Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul, Just Rock Me Till I’m Deaf


In freedom and in slavery, when days are full of pain

You fill my heart with bravery, and let me know that things will change

So this be my warrior song for those who fought and died

And fighting now in Babylon, may your spirits rise

Please join us by our side to help us win the fight

From the Americas to Africa, Carribean, East and West

Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul, Just Rock Me Till I’m Deaf 


Resurrection of the Movement
By Miguel Gonzalez 

From the cemetery of the peoples’ memory, the bones will shake

As murdered and tortured souls refuse to be forgotten, what a mistake

The past never goes away and never dies, but only sleeps to re-awake

When the wheel of injustice has turned its last, and finally breaks

Truth and Love won’t tolerate the further perpetration of hate for money’s sake

The empire has grown beyond what it can bare, pillars too weak for time to wait

500 years of elite European domination of the non-white human race

No need to blame but let those responsible recognize fate, and step to the plate

Their puppets of color can line up behind them, traitors to their people

Wearing the Native mask to hide their true colors of greed and evil

Bent backs that don’t break will stand straight, or die trying

Once blind slaves can now see the chains and feel the promise in fighting

Freedom comes with the decision and refusal to continue to be burned

A spark becomes a fire as feet begin to march, together until it burns

Overcoming individual fears when we work as one to find survival

True power and happiness found in resistance through cultural revival

Resurrecting our roots from their American grave, to reclaim what was taken from our ancestors

Throwing away American materialism and chains of illusion as mental slaves of capitalism

For many eyes cannot see the claws of oppression around the necks of our family

But our souls know the truth, as we heal the wounds of colonization, and can finally be happy

No more convenient ignorance or self-imposed blindness to the problem

The day has come for humanity to see itself as one, troubles we can solve’em

From every corner of the globe, the four winds carry news of a new sound and power

The peoples music as they sing a new song of fearlessness, warriors replace cowards

Finding their way out of the darkness and hell’s dungeons, American prisons

Breaking the chains on their souls and brains, a Black and Brown army is the


Hesitant to kill the slave master for all that he has done, too many tears of blood to count

But starving for redemption in the name of God, for we know that he will help us

strike him down

The oppressor is compelled by fear and a guilty heart, one only check his record

The devil’s book is written in blood and the darkest crimes humanity can remember

Yet he knows that God has always been there, waiting patiently for fate to run its course

Letting free will of the humans draw the map of life on earth, with or without remorse

If you listen carefully, you can hear the voices of those that did not deserve to die

Unnecessary casualties of colonial violence, watching the people as they rise

So the day has come in which the wicked have no where to run, no where to hide

Rich and powerful citizens with good hearts have given gold and voice to the movement

Enough protection for the rebels to mount a worthy fight, spirituality guides us through it

And how beautiful it is to see the slaves rise up, to see the oppressed take a stand

No more running, no longer crumbling before the stick, the oppressor is only a man

There is no amount of money, soldiers, and guns that can buy or kill the will of revolution

God and justice are with us in this battle for freedom, to the end, with love is the solution

Long live peace, long live humanity, long live justice, and long live the revolution



Justice of the Lord
By Miguel Gonzalez

He is known by many names and the purest qualities humanity can claim

Masses of the people build palaces for He, gathering in fear and joy for worship and for praise

With every new day, they say His angel’s descend on the land

And now we celebrate His birth, our Savior, and King that has a plan

The story has been told in The Book from Genesis to Revelations

Voices say He is with us in America, so God Bless our mighty nation

 I must ask if his blessings are the private property of politicians and evangelists

Claiming certain greatness above other nations for the profit that comes with these practices

But show me the word that protects any nation, the powerful, or the rich

Bigots see what they want, turn the cross upside down and swear that it fits

A history of men using the word to make puppets of the people, control of their voices and minds

But Jesus Christ was sent to free the masses, not to manipulate their money and lives

Rebellious with the truth and Vision of the Lord, a true Revolutionary of His time

Murdered by the same hands that would later enslave the message of His life

Hands of the beast stained with blood in his name, saying love, but serving hate

Smiling and Stabbing, Embracing and Enslaving, Conquering with the Coldness of the State

Some Churches taking 10 percent or more of the gold they like to store, parasites explore

Protestant and Catholic founders built on the same foundation, only to get lost in a bloody house of war

The European model of Native American genocide, and enslavement of the Africas

With the bible in one hand and a sword in the other, blood and hypocrisy in the same cup he’s drinking from

 But when I bow my head and pray, the truth is there in the silence

I hear the sound of spirit and reason, and no skeptic can ever deny this

The same mysterious force that dominates the darkness of a midnight sky

The movement of the ocean and the light we see just before we die

Finding Fearlessness in The Book and spirit of the Christ that came to Fight

With the magic word of the Lord, saying what is wrong will be right

Those children of God that live in castles as the village burns in the hell of hunger

Cannot escape the fate that awaits them at the hands of Justice, Saint Michael the hunter

For it is written that the foolish souls that choose the path of violence and deception, gluttony and greed

Will burn in the eternal fire of the afterlife, too late to change for they have planted the devils seeds

Behold the truth, some humans have created the suffering that did not exist before

Free will is a gift, yet scores of Christians will not help the suffering children of the Lord

Can it be that God is just a feeling, or the sacred feeling of Just?

For I won’t believe that he protects those who wrote, in God we Trust

With every new sun, his children rise to slave for the dollar. How can we be happy?

I'm speaking to those that have felt the hurt of capitalist dirt, please don't be mad at me

Money alone does not create happiness, what this country has in store

I’m not religious but I must believe in the hand of Justice, The Hand of the Lord

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