We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: week of August 27 to september 3rd

Here's a labor day playlist for all my "Debuggers" out there who enjoy music.

Yo check out this 1st act of the weekend playlist. This producer goes by the name of Vino. His style is really mellow and chill, yet has an addicting twist that appeals to the mind. So check him out on his latest creation, and click his name in the box and subscribe if you like what you listening to.


HierBeats is a dope producer who came into the scene maybe a couple years ago. He has worked with Livewire, Fray FuXx, and a group called MoneyPot. He is not known in the stream of music like a household name, but if you listen to the way he cuts and edits samples, you will see he is gonna be a household name. So check out his beat called "Out of Love".


Yo ThatfoolAl is jumping on this weeks playlist with some of his folks. This track features Vandal and KeylowB and was produced by DJ Phixion. This is a "Tripp song", and if you don't know what that is, listen to it. Not your everyday type of Hip Hop so i advise you to first listen with headphones if you have youngin's in the house.


WatupthoEnt done dropped a tape for all ya'll who don't like to be teased, but want a full project. So if that's what you like, or want to hear some genuine turf/hustle music. I suggest you listen, download, burn and play it in your cars.


Outrageous karina's video "New Hat" hit the music video of the labor day weekend. I ain't gonna say too much but I think it's actually cool there is some females holding down San Jose Hip Hop. So peep the video, and enjoy the playlist.

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Ookie is a bay area hip-hop artist who is part of "The Word" and "Metaphisics"

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