Sophisticated Stencils

Sophisticated Stencils is an urban arts intervention program for at-risk youth. It focuses on teaching youth the fundamentals of art through stencils and spray- paint.

They learn how to prepare the surfaces, cut stencils, combine symbols, and conceptualize art pieces. This program is intended not only to teach at-risk youth how to create urban art, but also the entrepreneurial skills needed to sell their art. To be sure, Sophisticated Stencils is a life-skills program that teaches youth several valuable life lessons such as planning, preparation, communication, follow-through, patience, reflection, perseverance, and multi-cultural appreciation. Not only this but several academic subjects can also be taught through stencil art, such as history, science, astronomy, math, anatomy, and more. This program is about much more than just art. It’s about life. For more information on how to get the program started at your school or organization, or to support the program you can email Miguel Gonzalez at

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