Chicano Batman Sighted in San Jose

Philthy Dronez, TurboMex and Los Angeles's Chicano Batman shared the stage this past weekend at South First Billiards in San José California. The line up of performers showcased an eclectic night of Latin sound, from reggae, cumbia, hip hop, and rock & roll.

This past Friday 9/28/12, Matt Gonzalez, front man of the PhilthyDronez opened up the night with his eclectic electronic set, blending African, Latin and Hip Hop rhythms on drum pads and keyboards.  For his latest performance he opened up for the world famous DJ Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound) at The Pagoda Restaurant. You can find Philthy Dronez in the studio laboratory creating many of his latest mash ups blending artists like Cypress Hill, Ramon Ayala, and Fela Kuti. Matt Gonzalez is also a member of two leading San Jose bands: Anya & The Get Down, and Raul y Mexia.

Following Philthy Dronez performance was TURBOMEX, a futuristic collaboration between Turbo Sonidero Futuristico, one of San Jose's top Latin electronic producers and Mextape, a veteran MC who raps in Spanish over the electronic cumbia hip hop rhythms.  This duo has performed all over the Bay Area, and will hopefully soon be touring Mexico.

Their energetic performance made way for the headlining act of the night  Chicano Batman visiting all the way from Los Angeles, CA. Chicano Batman had never performed in San José before, they came in wearing their famous ruffled tuxedo shirts, and blessed the stage with a unique performance you had to be present to experience. Chicano Batman starts their tour this month all over the country, be ready for the next time this group comes to the South Bay. You can catch more of their music at:

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