The Law of Rythm Rocks Downtown San Jose

San Jose Zulu threw a show at in downtown San Jose, bringing diverse aspect of the Hip Hop community together, with proceeds going to the YWCA's victims of domestic violence program.

B-boys and girls warming up the cypher before showing off their moves.


Last Saturday San Jose Zulu Nation threw "Law of Rhythm", which was a evening party originally intended for the Pagoda Lounge. In an attempt to begin to off set the violent culture the mainstream promotes through the hip hop art, proceeds went to the YWCA to help survivors of domestic abuse. The planning came with some obstacles not uncommon to the Hip Hop culture here in San Jose. After two months of planning and promoting, SJ Zulu was given news the Pagoda Lounge got bought out the night before, and was looking at cancellation of the event. Working with Tommy Aguilar, SJ Zulu was able to get the party moved to a ballroom on the complete opposite end of the Fairmont.

Rolling with the punches, SJ Zulu promoted fiercely by word of mouth, text and internet that the venue was being moved. Come Oct 6th San Jose was flooded with breakers as Gunderson High hosted a B-boy/B-girl battle “Rock City.” Law of Rhythm was getting a lot of attention throughout the Hip Hop community, SJ Zulu was expecting SF All Tribes Zulu chapter to support as well as breakers from all over California. Fast forward to 9pm to the Fairmont hotel. SJ Zulu’s DJ Rowbot who was the host of the event had her doubts. “I at first felt discouraged, thinking the turnout wasn’t going to be good the change of location was an inconvenience.”

The night opened when expected with Malcolm Lee spinning for a small crowd. After the first hour Metafizix & Malcolm lee opened up the night with a 15 minute set that left some members of the audience asking how they could pay to see the set again. By the time the first performance was over the small second story ballroom began to get more and more crowded. DJ Benofficial hopped on the 1’s & 2’s around 10:30 and by that time the all doubt was gone within SJ Zulu. Sub-Ren came on stage after an hour and opened there set showing there solidarity for survivors of domestic abuse. After they rocked the house SF All tribes Zulu DJ Deandroid spun for an hour and got the dance floor packed. Then Malcolm lee hoped back on the turntables to DJ IQ’s set which was followed by a dance performance by Ruckus Crew.Their energy brought gave Law of Rhythm that roots rock Hip Hop feel, and after Vex-One took over the turntables the rest of the night consisted of multiple cyphers.

The Law of Rhythm was a huge success. By the end of the evening, event co-organizer Rowbot said,  “It was good to see us use our talents and resources to spread awareness and unify under the love of hip hop.” Expect much more from SJ Zulu Nation.

Metafizix representing the Zulu Nation with their riveting performance that set the show off properly.

Kenny May longtime zulu nation organizer enjoying himself at the 'Law of Rhythm' event

Kenny May longtime zulu nation organizer enjoying himself at the 'Law of Rhythm' event.

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