San Jose Youth Speak On Election Results

Its a week after elections and change does not come over night. De-Bug asked youth what were there hopes, shocks, surprises, and just what they thought about the election results.

Ronnette Esqueda, 20

Its a week after the elections. I, as a voter I am quite surprise that many of the propositions that I voted for did not pass. One for example is Prop 31.
I believe that Prop 31 should have been passed because I as a Californian believe that I have the right to be informed about what us going on and how the government is functioning, because it did'nt pass. I feel like I'm going to be in the dark and unaware of what is going on around me not only locally but state-wide. Also as a tax payer I am not going to know where my money is going. 
Although that didn't pass ,when I found out that Teresa Castellanos was elected I was not only proud to be a woman but also a Latina from San Jose. I am pretty confident that she will do a great job for our community.
Kymeira Stewart,15

The proposition that I was for, was Measure D. Although I’m against how “small businesses” will be affected. For example: Most small businesses do not have enough money to pay their employees. McDonald's,Target, and Wal-Mart are not small businesses and should be paying their employees more. I am affected because increasing the minimum wage from eight dollars an hour to ten dollars an hour is pretty amazing.Giving teens the opportunity of work experience and the knowledge to manage money.

Ookie Robinson, 22

I would say out of the whole election, Measure D would be the biggest change to my life and the lives around me. Because the minimum wage was increased from 8 dollars to 10 dollars. This will help all my people around me be less stressful about bills, rent, and food. It will make the economy stronger since more spending will happen, due to the extra money that the people of San Jose will have in their pay checks. It allows for a growth all across the US with other cities looking at us as role models for changing minimum wage. The fact that Measure D won, shows that people are really about unity in changing economic/ social issue's within the communities of San Jose. This is a win, win by sticking it to the mayor for trying to stop this measure, and the increase of Dolalalalalotsa paper.

Amanda Zapien, 17

I'm a seventeen year old high school student, that will be graduating June 2013. After high school I plan on attending college. And with college comes a lot of debt. With Measure D wing passed and the wage being raised, I feel like I will be more secure making more money. I will also be able to pay off portions of my tuition faster and with less stress.

Edgar Godinez,17

If any prop were to affect me it would be Prop 30. If it would have not passed the education system in California would have immediate cuts and further cuts in the future. Because it passed though, schools now will stay as is or will possibly improve. It doesn't only affect me as a student though, I plan to become a California teacher myself and if not passed I could have had a hard time finding a job. I'm very glad that 30 passed. 

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