The Wait - Jordan Retro 11's

Every kid has a Christmas list, but there is always that one thing that makes the list important; whether it is a Red Ryder BB gun that may "shoot your eye out," the Jordan Retro 11's is a must have item!

Although Christmas is for the kids, adults have managed to swindle their way into getting a gift for themselves. For the past the 3 Christmas celebrations the Retro Jordan 11's have been released right before the the big day. First it was the Space Jam Craze, followed by the Cool Greys and last years infamous Concords. Not only has the Retro 11's release made some peoples holidays the best Christmas gift, it has also been the worst for many people. A lot of energy, time and patience is spent because of the Jordan Craze.

The release dates are posted a year ahead, only specific locations may get the Retros and if a store does get them, they will only get about 2 pairs in each size which means not many people are going to have a "Happy Holiday." People line up for hours prior to the opening of any store that gets the 11's, some people even set up tents and camp out for days! Chances are slim when dealing with Retro Jordans, most people walk away empty handed.

One thing I know for sure is there are people that are not going to be lining up to purchase a pair of these exclusive kicks, but sadly to jack someone that did. The last few years some locations have managed to make the news not for "The Wait", but for the aftermath. Stores in Richmond have experienced jacking along with fighting that have left some injured like in 2010 with the release of the Cool Greys. Also San Jose Shoe Palace stores have had some altercations.

I'm sure many locations have experienced madness and mayhem on this day. In a few days we will see. Friday December 21st the Black and Red Retro 11's will be dropping. Hopefully locations that will carry them will have high security or things might just get ugly. The Wait is Over!

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