Intueri 2012: San Jose's Art Expo With Too Much Space

Young San Jose artist, Edgar Godinez tells DeBug about the opening of San Jose's artist collective, Heart of Chaos newest art expo Intueri.

On the day of the Mayan apocalypse San Jose`s artist collective, Heart of Chaos was throwing a huge going away party in the form of an art expo, "Intueri". The show featured work from a lot of San Jose`s visual artists along with dance performances, music, and beats. The event was pretty amazing; I had never experienced an art event of that magnitude here in San Jose.

Held at The Armory  which is a huge venue because of the space the show had a combination of artwork in many mediums, this to me was quite impressive. I truly loved the combination of instillation along with sculpture, canvas work, wood work and the slightest amount of photography. I don’t understand why there was a lack of photography and do wish there was more, nonetheless the work was astonishing and thought provoking.

Although the event was good I do have one critique, there was too much space. By this, I mean too much empty space. With the amount of space available I think the maze should have been made a bit narrower. I thought it was just too wide, I felt myself almost floating through it. With the addition of more walls, a lot more work could have been displayed. I also didn't understand that huge empty rectangle of space right in the middle. I am aware that the bar needed space but once again, it was just too much. That area could have been used for the vendors, which were placed upstairs. That, I thought was fairly unorganized because there wasn't much traffic upstairs.

Despite the minute misuse of space Intueri was exciting, interesting and fresh to the city of San Jose. I heard this was "Heart of Chaos" first event in a while so in conclusion I thank Heart of Chaos for the event, because of it I anticipated December 21st, 2012. While at Inturi I felt it was my journalistic duty to do a small Q&A, so my general question to the attendees was;

“What do you think so far about the event?”

I think it’s amazing; it’s never really been done in San Jose. - Matthew Gonzales

I think it`s a little unorganized, I would like to organize it next year because i am very organized - Madam X

It`s pretty exiting actually, so far so good - Jessica (part of an installation)

It`s pretty good, good attendance. Art is all good, very dynamic. All mediums are here. Sculpture, painting, installation. - Mister Walker

I think it`s amazing, I’m out of words to describe it, it`s like San Jose art, it`s community building at its best and inspiring. - Katharine

I think it`s a great exhibit, the best so far, I just think it`s stunning, very New York. This kind of happened because all artists worked with each other - Al Preciado

Photos are from BasicLee

About Edgar Godinez

Edgar Godinez is a San Jose based writer and artist. He writes a regularly featured column entitled "Pioneers" for this site.

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