Yosimar's Jot@ Finances 101

Here are some tips that I have developed for myself as a way to save money. I hope they help some of you cabronas that are always broke like me. This year is all about having a savings account cause that is sexy.

1) No more Jordan’s. You can still look cute but have a spending limit on shoes. 

2) when shopping at H&M stick to buying one item cause them cheap prices add up. 

3) Always carry cash… cause just when you trying to be a baller you is gonna overdraft. 

4) Go to clubs with NO COVER and drink cheap alcohol at home
(Smirnoff Sour Apple is my best friend)

5) only use your credit card if you about to die or friends left you stranded and even then just trick it till the bart starts running again.

6) Only buy books that you are gonna read over and over. The library can let u borrow the rest. 

7) you are in no position to let your trifling borracha friend borrow money. 

8)Always check your online banking no matter how much it hurts. 

9) know the difference between a want and a need. For example you need water and want a shot! 

10) Being broke is ok so don’t be scared to tell your friends that you can’t afford something cause most likely they can’t either. 

Its time to get our money right. ;-)

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Awesome post man! I am glad you shared this. I am broke and I am a hoe as well. I would like to thank you for sharing this because it keeps me in perspective on not only how I should save my money but how I should manage it and manage my business as well. I have no job right now and have anxiety about money but I haven't been managing it very well either. I think that finding the right job is better than finding the right pay though because if you are not doing what you love, than it doesn't matter if you 're not getting paid. You won't be happy. So keeping that balance of happiness and money is key. That's all I will say for now.

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