Mail is the Life Line to a Sister That Been There

Before Christmas we sent out about 40 letters to women who are incarcerated locally here in Santa Clara County. After a New Year’s break, this is what I came back to — a desk full of letters in response to the holiday cheer we put out in hopes to inspire at least one woman. Well, we did just that. Miranda writes, “seeing and hearing about this program has motivated me even more to strive toward my own dreams if and when i get that opportunity.” Miranda is fighting a 15 year sentence, and has been down 4 and 1/2 years. She is 21 years of age. Mary writes, “You bring joy and tears to my heart. Receiving this letter during Christmas proves to me God still exists.” Mary should be released some time next year. Kimberly writes, “I would love to be apart of this group. I too can possibly help others by sharing my experience.”

I am truly inspired by these women. Once again, when I feel like I am not making a full impact, i get inspired to keep on going on the unpredictable journey called life. I hope you will keep close to those you know who live behind the walls.

I know I will.

About Steeda McGruder

Steeda McGruder is the founder and director of Sisters That Been There, a peer lead support and re-entry program in Santa Clara County.

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