Sonido Clash Strikes Back in San Jose, CA

Sonido Clash continues to amaze local audiences by providing live experimental Latin music once a month in downtown San Jose.

Sonido: Musical Vibrations. Clash: Confrontation.

Sonido Clash was exactly what it is defined as, a confrontation of musical vibrations. On February 1st, in downtown San José over 100 people crowded the Pagoda Lounge inside of the Fairmont Hotel to dance to the music of the Mexican Dubwiser and his band.  There are very few venues that support emerging Latin music in the South Bay because San Jose is always skipped for San Francisco. Fans end up having to travel far and pay expensive ticket prices to catch a touring artist. The San Jose community finally has a cool party called Sonido Clash, bringing innovative sounds and culture and challenging antiquated musical stereotypes.      

The room was filled with people before the event began eager to hear a new sound, a new generation of Sonidero music, a musical diaspora that is growing throughout the world. Sonido Clash kicked off their latest dance party with internationally known DJ, producer, remixer Mexican Dubwiser.  

The Sonido Clash event featured two local music performances to get the crowd warmed up for the Mexican Dubwiser and his band. Turbomex opened first, with Turbo Sonidero Futursitico playing beats and MexTape on the microphone. Turbomex is a fusion of electro cumbia, dub, and break rhythms matched with in your face hip hop lyrics in Spanish.

The night transitioned into the next performance by The Blank Manuscript. They bombarded the audiences senses with their mixture of jazz, metal, punk, and latin beats driven by their rebellious lyrics of anti conformity and revolution.

The crowd danced between live sets to the fancy rhythms of Philthy Dronez


While hosts Raul y Mexia pumped up the crowd waiting for the Mexican Dubwiser to go on stage.

Mexican Dubwiser who is originally from Monterrey, Mexico now resides mostly in Los Angeles California. It was an amazing treat to have the Mexican Dubwiser accompanied by his band, they played hits off the new album Revolution Radio which is currently being promoted internationally. The next night the band was in Las Vegas then planned on returning to Mexico for more tour performances.

Sonido Clash is a collective of local leaders focused on changing stereotypes of latin music by exposing a growing audience to cutting edge music. Their next event will be a showcase of the best electro cumbia DJ's. Be on the look out for a special surprise, you can check them out, just click here.

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