PANES CON POLLO FUNDRAISER: MONDAY, 2/25/2013 -- Help Stop a Deportation and Keep the Preza Family Together

Real immigration reform means keeping families together, and it starts with stopping deportations. Please help the Preza family stop the deportation of their oldest son Cesar. This family has been through hell and back in the last ten years. Every one of the family members now reside in the US after fleeing civil war in El Salvador, and deporting Cesar will bring him great harm. With the support of his family, El Buen Pastor Redwood City, Silicon Valley De-Bug’s ACJP, and (now YOU!), we can help bring Cesar home.

PANES CON POLLO FUNDRAISER SALE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2013 DELIVERY*** OR PICK UP BETWEEN 11AM-2PM $7/ plate includes chips and a bottle of water

What are Panes Con Pollo? Panes Con Pollo are HUGE Salvadorean sandwiches. They are made with chicken and a scrumptious marinade of vegetables nestled warmly between bread. (See yummy picture in the flyer).

How to place orders: Orders due FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2013 by 4PM. You can either email at or text 650-814-4004. You can also stop by De-Bug and place your order there.

Minimum Order for deliveries is $28 and delivered anywhere (offices, homes, etc) between Redwood City and San Jose.

Pickups are at 734 Elm Street, Redwood City, CA.

All proceeds will go towards Cesar’s legal fees.


About Cesar Flores

Cesar Flores is a writer and videographer with Silicon Valley De-Bug. He is also a lead organizer with Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project.

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