So Django Wins An Oscar

A couple nights ago actor Christopher Waltz won an Oscar for his role in director Quentin Tarrantino's film "Django" not only did he win an Oscar he also won a Golden Globe. Why all the winning? We asked DeBug's own, young Luke Quesada what he thought about all the fuss.

Has Quentin Tarantino crossed the line? Quentin Tarantino’s latest film “Django Unchained” was one of my favorite movies of 2012, and in my opinion Django is one of Tarantino’s best movies yet. As a new writer at Silicon Valley De-Bug, and after hearing about the backlash against the movie I volunteered to write a critique about Django analyzing the movie and its controversial content.

When I first sat down in my seat I was preparing myself to see a very disturbing and racist movie, and to my surprise it turned out that the movie was not as extreme as I expected. Slavery is not an easy subject to approach, and I was a bit worried that Django would cross the lines of racism, I went to see the movie with an open mind and tried to be fair as a viewer and critic.

The acting in Django was extraordinary, every character played their role in the movie very well. Jamie Foxx played the main character Django, an ex-slave and bounty hunter that is on a ruthless mission to find and free his wife Brunhilda at any cost. Christoph Waltz also played a compelling role as the man that frees and also mentors Django through their travels.  

Tarantino won a Golden Globe for his screenplay. Tarantino’s past films like the Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series were all great works of cinematography, but Django has to take the cake. He used great shooting techniques and settings that made me feel that there was never a slow moment in Django. I also felt that he did an awesome job editing the film. The lighting, camera movement, depth of field shots, were incredibly great for this movie, and for these reasons I will not be surprised to see him win an Oscar, maybe even two.

The historical relevance of Django is somewhat accurate but at the same time wrong. For example, the sunglasses that Django wears throughout the movie were impractical because sunglasses did not get worn or recognized till the 20th century. There was also a very inaccurate un-humane act throughout this movie called mandingo fighting. In this time in history Slaves were way too valuable to just be wasted on a fight. What was not surprising to me was the use of the "F-Bomb", Tarantino used it very regularly throughout the movie.

My thoughts on Django and the controversy over the racism in the film and why he should not have made the movie, is that Quentin Tarantino has a constitutional right to freedom of speech so that he can make the movie. It has a good story line, even though I found some scenes racist and brutal. Tarantino likes to show things that actually happened and he didn’t let anybody’s opinion interfere with his vision. Winning Oscars or Global Globes shouldn't be a big deal to what the actual film creates to the experience of the individual watching in, because Tarrantino won me as a fan.

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