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Articles Published on May 22, 2013

E7S Mural Project with Poesia and Sam Rodriguez

Poesia and Sam Rodriguez, both Bay Area artists, teamed up once again to produce an amazing piece for the E7S Mural Project.

Kern Residents -- Fatal Police Beating Didn't Happen in a Vacuum

National media attention may help prompt a public backlash against abusive behavior by law enforcement in this heavily Latino region of California. See addition at end of article from San Jose Police Department Duty Manual on "Onlooker" policy.

LOL’s, OMG’s, and GMO’s: Monsanto and the Next Generation

On May 25th, communities all over the world will be demonstrating against Monsanto -- a multinational bio-tech corporation that is creating genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and has vast lobbying power in the halls of goverment. In San Jose, the march will start at San Jose State.
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