Suite 801: A Couple of Hours with Rey Res

"Suite 801" is what San Jose Emcee, Rey Ressurreccion’s studio is called. It’s where he spends most of his time creating music, gathering ideas, and enjoying the view of his city. Baylingual had a chance to catch up with the Emcee for a couple of hours in the suite where the magic happens.

Suite 801, is what Rey Ressurreccion’s studio called. It’s where he spends most of his time creating music, gathering ideas, and enjoying the view of his city. He was sporting a black Hiero sleeveless shirt, with dark blue 501 jeans, red vans with timbaland brown with yellow in the middle laces, and a cukui hat covering his hair. He had his micronesian tribal tattoos all in the air, some lotus flowers, and his mom’s name on his knuckles. M10 was also in the room located right next to me on the couch, playing online chess, promoting some of his work online.

There was nothing but silence in the room, except for this constant replay of a video Rey was working on. It was for his new music video called C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me, or Corporations Rule everything Around Me). It was about 9pm on a cool brisk night when I arrived. The windows were opened where you could hear horns honking, people making noise, tires screeching from the San Jose strip located 8 floor’s down. The scenery was nice, looking off into different directions, seeing different parts of San Jose, with all the lights shining and cars racing off the freeway eager to get home. The jail house could be seen, the airport, and all the houses and apartment complexes across the way.

Rey Ressurreccion is an Artist from San Jose, Ca., known for his smooth laid back style, hard bass hitting beats, and easy to follow lyrics, which at times can be intricate and multi-syllabled.

He has multiple music videos that have more than 500,000 views altogether, featured on multiple blogs all across the net, performing in different countries, cities coast to coast. He has been doing Hip Hop for more than 10 years and is still going strong. A good representation of San Jose Hip Hop.

He 1st started out listening to Hip-Hop at a young age, and grew up with it like it was his brother. “I’m an 80’s baby, I grew up listening to the Golden Era of Hip Hop” he said “Chilling with Cholo’s B-Boying and doing Graffitti in the alley”. “I would wait for friday every week just to listen to ‘The Wake Up Show’ by Sway and Tech back when it was still in the Bay,” Where he would record the show on tape to get his daily dose of Hip-Hop for the next week, or he will wait till the next show. He grew up off Monterey Road and Roeder, a local hood in San Jose known as “RoundTable Drive” located on the south side of San Jose. In middle school Rey attended Davis Jr middle school, where he was heavy listening to Nas and the Wu-Tang Clan.

When he went to high school (Oak Grove) he was telling me how he got more into the Bay Area/West Coast Hip-Hop and underground music, with groups like Hieroglyphics and Living Legends. “Back when music was more appreciated” he says, he started getting into writing his own music when he kept getting cut from the sports teams at school for grades. “I joined my first group at 16, I was the youngest in the group called Solar Powered”. A group which consisted of Rey, Oneself Davinci and 8 others, they had an eccentric and political sound with a wide range of influences from UGK to OutKast and more.

“I started to get into music really after I turned 18, chilling at C-L-X-II (One sixty duece). A pad on the south side where local emcees like 2left feet and Stik Gilatine would be found doing music”.

There is a couple unreleased projects they worked on he said, with a slight smile on his face. See I first heard of Rey Ress when I was 19. A friend of mine went to a show at South 1st Billiards and liked what he heard, bought a cd, and brought it to my house. I remember it was 2:30am and I had school the next morning. He told me to shut up, get outside and that I needed to listen to this particular song that he liked, it was called “Spaceships”. When I heard the song I was juiced, but didn’t know who the artist was since my friend took the cd with him. It was early 2010 when I heard of it and I didn’t find out this artist name til' I was at SV De-bug.


When I asked him about San Jose Hip Hop and why he believes no one ever made it he told me, “It’s simple, you gotta adapt to change, feel the music like an instinct, and don’t get mad for too long cause you will get left behind”. He then looks back at the laptop and began playing the “Cream” song again. I then ask him about how his shows are going. He then takes a sip of his water. “I am excited about the future for San Jose music with this new generation and Hip Hop in general. It’s like the renaissance we are in, all over, where now you have to be tight to be doing hip hop. You can’t be putting out weak ish when you have people like Kendrick on the radio forcing you to have substance in your music”.

Which is true, in the past couple years Hip-Hop has been not very intelligent at all, the creativity is very bland and vulgar, and you can’t really be telling people that hip hop is a craft. “Everybody raps nowadays” said Rey “Cause back when I was in high school, you knew exactly who would rap since there was only a handful.”

“I mean you could go to another school and know who the rappers were, since there was so few people really doing it,” he said. “I am just happy to still be doing this (Hip Hop) and enjoying it still”.

I then looked at my watch and realized it was 12am and I had work the next morning. I said my salutations to Rey Ressurreccion and M10 as I left the building. I can't wait to see what he does next.

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