RonDaVOODOO took over the Underworld this Halloween

Happy Halloween Every Year, Bay Area Label and Rap crew RonDavoux Records unleash... RonDaVOODOO to the Underworld... ...Ghosts, Vampires, Ghouls and Demons may seem timid compared to the mysteries of this force. The Spirits are Summoned through Live Sermons, Esoteric Music, films that make Thriller look friendly & Secret GRG rituals...

Halloween is the time to fully embrace the Demon within and send that f***** to the gym. It's a great time to dress up, wear make up, party, be something you can't be everyday. Strange things happen at this time of year when the Gothic rule and odd noises come from the darkness. The best part about 10/31 is millions of women hit the streets in masks, short skirts, boots, tights and ripped clothes dressed as vampires, devils, fairies, maids, witches and even better sometimes NOTHING. These are the things most men fantasize about but every now and then even the most well intentioned guy (DLabrie) encounters a TRUE MANIAC........WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!


Sword of the West aka Shamako Noble of RDV/Hip Hop Congress along with Sean Blak and DJ Dirty N8te shows the South Bay how Ill it gets on these streets after dark....


San Jose to Atlanta YDMC is a sinister part of the RDV crew check out this exorcism w/ Jacka and DLabrie


Rahman Jamaal from the legendary Hip Hop film "The BEAT" starring Chino XL, Brian McKnight, Coolio is also a part of the RDV crew check out his Mysterious Weighs


Epa's own B-Jada of RDV/Geek Squad along with Lo are currently working with Young Money(YMCMB) in this Visual they warn you about the "Noise"


James tha Spitta of Redwood City is young heart throb but had a strange experience recently where he got sucked into a time warp


Founded at San Jose state Soulful Obsession has become the hottest band in the Bay Area and 1/4 of that band is RDV vet Big Murph aka Bennett Roth-Newell the name of the collective alone should let you know this could be the scariest road you've ever traveled down... RSVP with Caution these 4 are possessed ...


Other RonDaVOODOO Videos & Links:

Shamako Noble & Pasha "Razor Sharp Thoughts"


YDMC & J-Walk "Get out my Mix"


Overnight Celebrity Halloween Radio Mixshow Podcast by DJ BKnocki

The Overnight Celebrity Show 10-30-13 hosted by @DJBKnockin by Dj B Knockin on Mixcloud

Free Download -

The Overnight Celebrity Show 10-30-13 hosted by @DJBKnockin by Dj B Knockin on Mixcloud


GRINDTIME BATTLE: Shamako Noble vs Luck Loosh


Free RonDaVOODOO Downloads

RDV crew (DLabrie, Madman, Keyanna Bean, Rahman Jamaal, Shady Jones, James tha Spitta) - RonDaVOODOO


B-Jada & Lo ft. Flow(YMCMB) & Slim Boogie "Trippy"


Shamako Noble "Strange Things"


YDMC "Trouble"


DLabrie w/ Kung fu Vampire & Dub Esquire "Catch Me"


B-Jada & Lo ft Rahman Jamaal, Shamako Noble, DLabrie "Rock the Beat"


More Info on RDV

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