Veterans Day Parade in San José

SV De-Bug family was present on the 95th annual Veterans Day Parade in San José, Ca.

This was my first year attending the Veterans Day Parade in San José, and it was a special one. My wife Lisa Avila and I had a chance to spend time with our family horning all of the veterans that have served us by protecting our freedoms. This parade was very special to my family because my wife's grandfather was able to ride in the parade. At 92, Marshall Soria has been through a lot in life, and with his children, grand children, great grand children and even a few great great grand children there it was living proof that as humans we can overcome anything, even a world war or two. Marshall fought in WWII and was at the Battle of the Bulged as a part of the 28th Army infantry. It was great to honor all of the individuals who have put on the uniform and step into the line of battle with so much grace and velour. From young to the young at heart, we are thankful for all that you give up for us, and I hope to be able to attend many more parades in the future to continuer to give my gratitude.







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