Photo Re-Cap: San Jose Comes Out To Rock The Mic For Society's P.A.S.T.D.U.E.

Recapping a dope project release show that had happened last Thursday December 12th at Iguana's in San Jose, celebrating Society's P.A.S.T.D.U.E. project drop. It was a Hip Hop and Spoken word type of night, full of rhymes, good people, and burritos a. Check out that nights pics.

Society starts the show by thanking all the people for coming out to his debut solo project release party. He then goes off into a spokenword piece top start off the night.

One of the first acts, this performers name was Michael Ting and he did a spokenword piece called "My Ego". 

Kwesi Young's live Hip Hop set.

One of the female spoken word artist. 

ThatFool AL of Westacy, promoting Society's newly dropped album before he performs with Yates, the song "De Nada".

Society on the mic, during his set. 

A final pic for the night, all the family, friends, fans, and artist that came out and showed love towards the release party.

Download the P.A.S.T.D.U.E. project here

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