"Lost In Translation" - Yosimar Reyes {The Bigger Picture Project}

"These foods we trust to give us nourishment are slowing killing us a sweet venom que corre por nuestras venas and though they tell us to read the labels how many of our Abuelos will understand words that to the average American are impossible to pronounce?"

The beverage industry is specifically targeting Latino children and youth by increasing their marketing efforts on Spanish-language television. Watch Yosimar Reyes analyze how sugar sweetened beverages are impacting the diets and cultural practices of Latino communities heavily impacted by the type 2 diabetes epidemic.

"Lost in Translation" is filmed and directed by Jamie DeWolf. Youth Speaks and UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations are leading the campaign against Type 2 Diabetes with our new project, The Bigger Picture. Raise your voice TODAY!


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