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2013 was a big year in Hip Hop for San Jose considering all the projects that were released, artists going on tours, music videos going viral, and blogs all over the net promoting San Jose Artists. 2014 is going to be an even bigger year since the door was opened in 2013. Here is a list of some artists who are making that next move for San Jose Hip Hop history.

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Cola is one of those artist with so many punchlines, It's amazing that he can go for 5 minutes coming up with rhyme after rhyme after rhyme. Cola has made a name for himself by his lively stage presence, his music video "Bonkers", and dropping his individual mixtapes called "Underdog Music Vol.1 and 2 ". He is currently working on his new Vol 3. so be on the look out.


Outrageous Karina

When I first heard of Outrageous Karina, I was amazed. I wasn't used to seeing a dope woman in such a masculine San Jose game. She is signed to StayTooned Ent, has a style that can go fast, a killer stage presence, and flows like none other. Outrageous Karina is one of those artist that is a character, and holds herself to certain standards in her music. She recently dropped her Fed Up Mixtape, and is working on her new EP and videos for 2014.


Ill G 

Ill G has a mad husuluh mentality when it comes to his music. Ill mixes reggae production with Hip Hop raps and a promo game that is ferocious. With his crew WhatUpTho Ent. behind him making noise across the nation. Ill's recently dropped project "Urban Legacy" is making way for his up coming album P.O.L.O (Pushers Only Live Once) releasing mid 2014. 


City Shawn

Pleasing to the ear, style well rounded, radio ready, City Shawn is a force to be reckoned with. Besides being one  of the main faces to #Tansh!t, (a San Jose saying like San Francisco's "City Situation" and Oakland's "Town Bizness") he is apart of DreemTeem Music. City is a heavy grinder in the SJ scene. For all of 2013 he was dropping videos here, mixtape there, recieving love from blogs all over the net getting ready for 2014. He's been featured on the Bay Area blog Thizzler on the Roof and had his recent mixtape hosted by San Jose's Traxamillion. Be on the look out for this rising star and all of his upcoming projects.



One of those artist that will blow you away first time you hear him. Besides the fact that he is signed to 454 Life Entertainment with artists such as Drew Deezy, Thai, and others, he was also called the Nate Dogg of the San Jose scene. He is making a move in Hip Hop history for sure, with his hook melodies, his style of rapping, and his stage presence. A-Dough is an all around good sounding artist with his new release "Hello" dropping in early 2014.



A street kid who been making his name in San Jose through his network. He has been a factor in fashion for years whether being apart of Breezy, or apart of the collective at Pesos Bodega (A local Urban Fashion Boutique). His storytelling and rhymes are smooth; his style is very easy to like as a modern SJ style. He is dropping a new music video in early 2014 with a new project on the way.


RJ x V of Westacy

A major factor in the SJ Hip Hop crew Westacy. RJ's rhymes are fun, can be in your face, cocky, and has a bounce with a style that has you nodding your head. His rhymes have a life of their own, his stage presence is solid, and you can see how much he loves music when you hear him start rapping. I am looking forward to his new project Bless Me. Haa Chuw, Bless me homie! 



A man with a purpose, a man of the community, the other half of Metafizix, and a poetic artist who has no loss of words. Always calm and collected, this spoken word poet/ Hip Hop artist has broken into the scene with his political views and his rhymes of growing up blue collard, telling stories of everyday living with a purpose. It's a sound of its own, and he holds himself to a high standard with his recent release of the project P.A.S.T.D.U.E. with his video "Gold Out West" dropping early 2014. 



Wappo is one of those gangsta rappers of SJ that is unique, with his smooth style, rhymes are gritty and tough, beats dark and full of 808 bass. His flow is better than most artist on the radio, if not better. A representative of the SJ scene making noise dropping new music that is getting on blogs over the net, a true SJ Shark. 



Cuhzo has a style that just gets you feeling good. He has that smooth flow and double rhyme scheme with a thuggin style. He also can sing for those who love listening to hooks and melodies mixed with an island style that is pleasing to the ear. Cuhzo is apart of the label T2S (Time 2 Shyne) and his project "Josie By Nature" is dropping 2014.

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Baylingual is a San Jose Photographer, Youth Organizer, Video Producer, Journalist, and commentator of De-Bug. He posts local music releases on this site called "We Speak Baylingual Music Blog". He is also in the works on a video series interviewing artist all over the bay area, about culture, community, and anything in depth with the interviewee called 'Chopping Game'. 

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