"Once A Mission Girl, Always A Mission Girl"

13 year old Ana Nicole diosdado Gonzalez is a young aspiring photographer. With her family facing eviction from her childhood home of 14 years, she takes us down a walk through 24th Street, catching photos of what will become memories of a neighborhood that she is forced to leave.

"Once A Mission Girl, Always A Mission Girl" from SV De-Bug on Vimeo.

Like many families, artists, and children who've built the Mission District to what it's culture has become, a lot of them are facing eviction.

"All the “creative cities” that have managed to successfully destroy and/or evict their working class have ultimately been condemned to doom. And soon, they will wake up to an ocean of sameness.- An excerpt from Guillermo Gomez Pena's "A Heartfelt Letter To Rene Yanez and The SF arts Community"

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