High School Students Take Helping The Largest Homeless Encampment In Their Own Hands

With one of the largest homeless encampments in the Silicon Valley known as the "Jungle", high school students from Yerba Buena High School known as "Regeneration Against Destruction" (RAD) held their weekend free market for the Jungle residents.

In an effort to continue to support our homeless brothers and sisters, youth from Yerba Buena High School have created an organization called RAD (Regeneration Against Destruction).

In creating this group we hope to continue our free markets as well as doing other work which regenerates our community like food distributions, Mic Nights, and working with the youth and making sure all there unheard voices are heard. We had a lot of help from other organizations like 50/50 Collective, CHAM, A Helping Hand, Silicon Valley DEBUG, and other people from our community. We had over 100+ people benefit from this action of community regeneration.
At nine in the morning we started off with donations of clothes, foods, toiletry, and other resources people can use.

Throughout the day we received positive feedback from the members of the community.

We received a massive amount of donations. We received way more donations than our last free market

The amount of people that came to this free market was outstanding.

Due to donations of money we were able to buy pizza for the homeless.

We received donations throughout the day. The amount of donations were way past our expectations.

We built relationships with a diverse group of people and hope to continue to build stronger relationships

 We caught a glimpse of the sun shining down on us, it was an amazing day and we will continue to do the work necessary to regenerate our community.

Ultimately, the community support received this day surpassed our last one, we hope to continue to grow in numbers, donations and support. It will take an entire community to effectively challenge homelessness and poverty in San Jose.

We hope you join us!

San Jose RAD will host another Free Market For Homeless February 23rd 9-2pm donations needed include : clothes , tents , tarps , blankets , water jugs , backpacks , bags , toiletries bring donations to the jungle on senter and keyes largest homelessness encampment in San Jose and if you want to drop it off contact san jose rad to coordinate drop off www.facebook.com/sanjoserador email us at Sanjoserad@gmail.com

About Jorge Valencia

Jorge Valencia is a photographer and founding organizer of Regeneration Against Destruction(R.A.D)

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