Giselle Ayala 3rd Fight With Cancer Fund

Team Giselle consists of a large group of Giselle's friends who have banded together to help in her battle with cancer. Through this page and other offline benefit events we will attempt to ease her financial burden as much as possible. That way she can focus 100% on her recovery and finally kick Cancer's ass for good.

I have asked Giselle to share, in her own words, her situation with the public. This is what she has shared:

Today I’m 33 years old and I am facing my third battle with cancer.

My fight began in early 2008 when I was 28 years old. I was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. Along with the discovery of my colon cancer I also was diagnosed with infections in my bile ducts. I was treated for both of these issues with the prescribed procedures and surgery. I recovered from all procedures and my cancer was in remission, monitored with routine scans. At the end of 2010 these routine scans uncovered a spreading of the original cancer cells, this time to my liver in the form of three tumors. I was re-diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with a metastasis to my liver. I underwent 14 rounds of chemotherapy and a liver resection. After recovering from this second battle with cancer my scans showed no signs of disease. I resumed routine follow up scans. At the end of 2013 the results of the last scan showed yet another recurrence of cancer. This time three tumors were found on my liver and one tumor was found in my main bile duct.

I have been in close consultation with my oncology team. They have told me that my odds of surviving this third fight with cancer are not very good. The only treatment option they think is viable for me is more chemotherapy. They hope that chemotherapy will keep the tumors at bay. They also tell me that I will have to be on chemo for the rest of my life. After having experienced chemotherapy I am not OK with that. I feel that chemo will take more from me than my body can give and it will not provide an acceptable quality of life. I want to find an alternative to chemotherapy, a more healthy natural approach to healing that will not destroy my body in the process. I would like to choose a treatment that will support my body’s ability to heal and bring my body back to a healthy state so that my body may be able to heal itself.

Throughout each of my previous battles with cancer I researched the Gerson Therapy as an alternative treatment to chemotherapy. The Gerson Therapy applies a nutritional treatment regimen that looks at the health of the body as a whole in order to treat disease. With the help of my family and friends I hope to raise enough money to visit the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. Once there, and in their treatment program, I will be monitored by medical doctors and given their nutritional therapies. I will learn how to administer the Gerson treatment program so that I can continue the program once I am home. Continuing the Gerson Therapy once I am home is going to be a big responsibility. There will be a whole lot of work to continue the program and maintain it in my daily life as part of a new normal, but Rick and I are up for the challenge. We want a healthy, happy, forever life together, one that we envision to include a family of our own. We have so many dreams to accomplish here together, and for these it makes the challenge worth it!

Milestone 1 = $13,000

Purpose: To pay for the initial treatment, travel costs, and missed income while in treatement.

Milestone 2 = $24,000

Purpose: To assist in paying for the first year of monthly costs for the treatment.

Milestone 3 = $24,000

Purpose: To assist in paying for the second year of monthly costs for the treatment.

Total = 61,000

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