Young Addiction: Probation Youth Reflect

These young leaders powerfully reflect on their journeys from being young and addicted in the streets to their current path of recovery. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with the authors.

"Just When You Think Your Succeeding" 
By Briana

When you think your succeeding, doing the best you've ever done,
a rude awakening stomps and wakes you up.
You tell yourself "WTF is this all about?"
This was nothing but a waste of time. 
Courage runs low, negative bumps high,
and all the clean time and effort feels like nothing compared to the old life.
You stay wondering is this right?
I say f*ck it, wheres the dope at?
But reality kicks in.
Deep inside I'm hurting, what I believe seems to never matter.
you see all these people out their succeeding and may assume all is right. 
But no one will ever feel or walk my path,
But now erase the negative thoughts because I know I'm headed to the top. 


"I Want To Go Home"
By Laney

I wake up everyday to the same ish. It's just like being in the hall where we have staff by our side each minute of the day. I miss my Mom, my family, and mostly living and being at my own pad. Here, it feels like I'm in lockdown and have to follow every staff’s rule. But then again, I am here for my recovery. I do want to recover. But, then I don't, cause my addiction has me wrapped around it's finger. I don't know what to do, cause I feel like I'm going crazy in my mind everyday. 


"From Seed To Flower"
By Briana  

As a flower, I was raised, but my cave,
it didn't matter It's the limelight that I craved until all my dreams were shattered.
I was planted to be beautiful when i started as a seed.
But the flower that was blooming turned out to be a weed.
So now all my dreams got shattered, sell my soul to live in sin,
'Cause I thought I didn't matter, I was blind I couldn't see.
I got caught up and whipped, my eyes and saw all who had fallin’ in me. 
Maybe you believe in heaven or an angel in the sky But the truth,
it doesn't matter if we live, then we must die,  
and the beauty of the flower was raised up in the moon
was just thirsting for some water, had none so now its gone. 
It makes no difference in these moments if you succeed or if you fail
In this life it will not matter, 'cause each flower has a color
and the beauty of the flower will just fade away.
There's no thought about tomorrow,
it just blossoms for today although the beauty of this flower fades away before your eyes,
from the ground it must return for the seed again to rise.


"The Underground Badlands"
By Tyrone

All that shit don't make no sense, That's just my vent.
But it was time well spent.
I got 35 raps trapped away and, I ain't been to the studio in 365 days.
I try to keep it clean but my mind turns to mean.
If you don't rap with a purpose, your dope lines is worthless. 
Kids be slippery and sneaky like serpents.
Your doing you and the haters keep lurkin like fuck your observent.
And don't let me go long this ain't a song.
c'mon nigga just ride along, ain't been home in so long. 
Life's getting cold get ya winter coat on. 
I won't prolong.
Droppin lines like a heart Break kid.
Shits always the same, money, sex, and trees, West Coast Cali livin
whippin yay up in the kitchen,
they seperated us and then some b**ch started snitchin


"A Fiend, Rebel, a Tyrant"
By Blossom 

Once there was a boy,
a boy who wanted to enjoy,
Every aspect on the surface he had to deploy.  
Covered up his emotions in a medicine ball,
rough like resin scattered all over the wall.
They called him a fiend, Rebel, a tyrant.
On a whole different level in this world of violence. 
I'm a King holding the gold trident, 
Underneath sea level, something like Poseidon.
I'm a diamond in the rough, your a rough diamond.
Carefully draw the scabbard from my sword, now his turn is silence. 

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It's a beautiful thing when we read about youth speaking up and raising their inner voice regarding their current situations and or issues. I applaud these teenagers for being so open and letting the world listen in to how they truly feel. Thank you Debug for allowing them to do so.

It's great to use the art of poetry to let ones voice be heard, for a long time youth in the system have not been heard and this is a great opportunity to see how kids are feeling and how their venting to make more progress to successful outcomes. I would like to see more kids in more systems be able to be heard and use their youth voice to out come their oppression even if that oppression was self inflicted. ones voice is the most powerful thing known to man kind. keep speaking out

This is amazing work! I admire you all for opening up and allowing us to glimpse into your souls. Your words are empowering. Thank you.

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