Words for Mom: A Letter and Poem from Probation Youth

Over the past month, De-Bug has been working with probation youth who have the hunger to write. Running editorials with these young men and women has been a humbling experience with challenging real-life topics surfacing. These editorials produce beautiful material where young people, who have experienced life in unexplanable ways, have voice. We are constantly reminded that young people, when given the opportunity, can share their experience in ways that we can all learn. The following two pieces are by two young women about the women who gave them life. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with the authors.

"Thank You For Your Love"

Dear mom,
You inspire me so much because you were so tough when my dad left us. You still gave us love and showed us that the world wasn't over, even though I felt like it was. As a single mom, you worked so hard. There were times where we had so little to eat that you didn’t eat just so we could. We barely had clothes and people would make fun of me but I didn’t care because I knew how hard you worked. You barely slept because you worked so much for so little money but we still survived. You did everything without any help from a man, or Dad; he doesn't know the struggle we went through. Thank you for giving all your love to us, and showing us that there is more to life than pain and sorrow. We could overcome it. You did it, so i feel I can overcome anything I go through.  

Love you Mom,



"She Is"

She is clothed in dignity and laughs without a fear in the world
She has hope for tomorrow
But pain from yesterday
Today she holds on to the truth
What's left of it 

Poem by Mia


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