Earth Day Weekend Clean Up At San Jose Homeless Encampment

This past Friday April 18 at the homeless camp known as "The Jungle" there was a community clean up in honor of Earth-day

Clean Up

This past Friday April 18 at the homeless camp known as the jungle there was a preparation for an Earth Day cleaned up to happen on Saturday and Sunday April 19 and 20.

The homeless camp is located near the intersection of Story road and Senter road across from Happy Hollow Park. The preparation was an effort led by C.A.R.E. Outreach Program, RAD (Regeneration Against Destruction), CHAM Deliverance Ministry and Silicon Valley DeBug. Together they helped distribute food and water to the residence of the camp who are always in need of the basic necessities. Along with that they distributed garbage bags to be filled with trash that will be placed in dumpsters on Saturday and Sunday.

T cans

The dumpsters are large enough to take away 10 tons of trash. While distributing trash bags and food, ministers gave spiritual assistance to some of the residents and other members of the organizing groups helped by getting first aide supplies to a few residents who needed them.


All the residents who received help we're grateful and appreciative of all those who came to give assistance. This is part of an ongoing effort by several organizations such as churches and community centers along with concerned citizens to help the homeless in San Jose and Santa Clara County.


A few residents of the Jungle have been able to begin moving into permanent housing through assistance from these groups with government housing vouchers.


The help continues on a daily basis and it is growing.


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