Then And Now: Probation Youth Reflect

These strong young people share with us their stories of who they once were, who they are now and who they want to be. For these youth, life has changed dramatically with stories only some can imagine. Who these young people are today is not necessarily who they always were nor who they will be. The bravery of these youth to share with us their stories and reflections is to be admired. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.

"Past Tales"
By Briana

When I was 6 years old, I grew up with my uncle Arturo. He was a hated man, he caused a lot of problems. I can't even count the number of times he was stabbed and survived. That man self-medicated with heroine. I remember he was staying with us for awhile. I also remember I was his favorite niece in Mexico. He would always draw me the best drawings when he was high. I would watch him chilling with needles out his arm, and I would wonder what was he on. That man I said I would never be like.... but I became exactly what he was. He just popped back into my life this past Sunday night. I feel blank and weird, I'm wondering may it be fear?


"5 Years From Now"
By Tyrone

You better be clean, you will get locked up or f'd up if you do drugs again. I hope you're still following your dreams, God's will is your will, remember that always. Do it for only God, then you. Keep in touch with positive people and use your phone. I'm scared to know what you will be like in 2019 or 2020, I want you to be in contact with our father. He is the one who is all around and he loves us both.


"3 of Us"
By Allison

Brother in Prison... Trying to find a reason... By myself every season... Mom not in good health, wish I can come with good wealth... So I can put her in a big house... It's only the 3 of us... Some family's have members that can fill a bus... We are very close... I treat everything they give me, like a delicate rose... In and out of the rooms, I'm a flower waiting to bloom.


"Life's A Trip"
By Karina

Sometimes life is a trip, there's dark days... I always sit down and think, when is this going to be over? I want to flip this over, all the chaos and the abuse please move over. To get away from this I started to numb myself, drowned myself, hanging out with thugs getting mugs. Using drugs getting caught up. It wasn't worth getting locked up. 'Cause they ain't going to be there when you need them. So to all you people, Kids, don't get caught up. It's time to make a change, don't sit down and play.


"Just a Lil Sum"
By Paul

Growing up as a kid I was always hard going, lived a simple life but was always soft spoken. Waking up to the world on the wrong side of the bed, thanking God for everything I've survived when I should have been dead. Instead of striving for a situation like that, I know I shoulda been livin'. I started sporting all the blue, partying, and started crippin'. Since a young age never dropped a dime or a rag. But I will think trife was the reason for the problems that I had. So I put my issues in a bag and toss my rubbish in the trash. It ain't 'bout the honey's, 'bout the drugs, 'bout the cash. It's about what moves you forward and puts your present in the past. Getting back to reality, getting used to get used to living fast, because there's always gonna be haters tryna crawl all up in that a**.


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