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Articles Published on May 24, 2014

Santa Clara County Judicial Candidates Asked to Respond to Issues of Homelessness

On May 18th, the Stop the Ban Coalition (STB) -- a broad coalition of groups opposed to criminalizing the homeless -- held a judicial candidate forum in Palo Alto, CA. Annrae Angel was the only candidate to attend, and she along with candidate Julianne Sylva submitted written responses presented by coalition member Aram James. The forum, and written correspondence, is precedent setting in that it serves as the first time judicial candidates were asked to respond to the homeless community and advocates. All 2014 Santa Clara County judicial candidates -- Judge Diane Ritchie, Deputy District Attorney Matt Harris, Defense Attorney Annrae Angel, Deputy District Attorney Julianne Sylva, Defense Attorney Dennis Lempert, and Deputy District Attorney Stuart Scott -- were invited by the Stop the Ban coalition to participate in the forum and submit written responses, and were told their writings would be posted on the De-Bug website. Below is a summary of Annrae Angel's verbal responses in the forum from the moderator STB member Edie Keating, and Annrae Angel's and Julianne Sylva's written responses to the separate set of written questions by the STB coalition. Forum organizers say the candidates who have not responded in writing to the questions from the coalition are encouraged to submit writings up until June 2nd, 2014.

Arrested While Brown: Chicago Police Profile Two Latino Health Care Advocates

Two young latino community organizers were arrested while trying to organize in a predominantly white neighborhood in Chicago when a neighbor had called the police for the two young men saying they looked like criminals. This piece was originally published in Equal Voice News.
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