Building with Gideon’s Promise in North Carolina

We were honored to give a training session at Wake Forest University Law School to the next generation public defenders from across the South on how they can make social biography videos. The attorneys were a cohort of Gideon’s Promise, the amazing training program for Southern public defenders that is also focus of the HBO film Gideon’s Army.

We have no doubt that in the future, when we look back at what helped end mass incarceration in this country, Gideon’s Promise will stand out as one of the most important actors of this historic movement. Here are some flicks!

Fernando with head of Gideon’s Promise, Jonathan Rapping “De-Bugging the System”

Louisiana tat! This is when you know your attorney is down for their state.

Next generation attorneys from all over the South after taking our Social Biography Video class.

Some of the Gideon Promise attorney’s doing a mock video based on a case they may start with when they get home.

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