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The Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Tell My Parents

Adnan Khan is serving a life sentence in San Quentin. Now 31, at 17 he left his mother and at 18 he was arrested. He remembers the moment he told his mother the hardest words he would have to tell her in his life.

Prison Law Office Cited Serious "Constitutional Violations" in Santa Clara County Jail

After receiving a number of complaints from inmates, attorneys, and families, the Prison Law Office initiated communications with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office around concerns of jail conditions. This was well before the death of Michael Tyree. Read below one of their follow up letters where they state there are serious violations of inmates' Constitutional state and federal rights.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Arrests Jail Guards for Murder of Michael Tyree

On August 27th, Michael Tyree died while in custody of the Santa Clara County Jail. On September 3rd the Sheriff arrested three correctional officers (Mathew Ferris, Jereh Lubrin, Rafeal Rodriguez) for the murder of Michael Tryee. Below is a recording of the Sheriff expelling the death caused by blunt force trauma, and the arrests of the officers. Below that are photos of a community rally that happened in front of the jail on September 4th. Marchers called for justice for Michael Tyree, an independent investigation of the jail, and for the safety of all of those currently detained. Those who wish to share information about complaints of gaurds in the Santa Clara County jail can email info@siliconvalleydebug or contact the Prison Law Office.

Lawsuit Against City of San Jose Aims to End Racial Bias in Policing

Scheduling is set to begin for a lawsuit filed on behalf of all Latinos and African Americans racially profiled by San Jose Police during routine traffic stops who are more likely to experience prolonged detention, be handcuffed, made to sit on the curb or in the back of a police car than are other groups stopped. Racial bias in policing has historically been fertile ground for treating races unequal. With the crossroads we are in around race relations in San Jose and the country, Nick Emanuel believes we can get to a point where we don’t have these racial biases.

Santa Clara Community Breaks Up With ICE, and Takes Over the Board of Supervisors Meeting

On August 25th, 2015 immigrant rights advocates that make up the FIRE Coalition (including organizations such as SIREN, Sacred Heart, PACT, Asian Law Alliance, Justice for Palestinians, De-Bug) held a "mock marriage and break-up" between Santa Clara County and ICE. The group then marched into the County Board of Supervisors meeting, took it over, and shut it down. The action was part of the coalition's on going work to maintain the current county policy which ensures the jails will not respond to ICE's detainer or notification requests. The policy is a national model, yet is currently being threatened due to reactionary politics and opportunism. Please do reach out to any of the groups in FIRE to join the campaign to protect immigrants rights and public safety in Santa Clara County.

#4in8 -- San Jose Reacts to Four Officer Involved Shootings in Eight Days

This August, San Jose saw an alarming number of people who lost their lives in incidents involving the police – 4 in 8 days. Adrian Rivera, 22 (Aug.9th). Aaron James, 30( Aug.10). Mathew Castillo, 29 (Aug.16). Richard Jacquez, 40 (Aug.17). We started a running conversation from community stakeholders and leaders about what this means for our community moving forward. Follow the hashtag #4in8 as we continue to gather and share perspectives.

No ICE, ICE, Baby! Keeping PEP COMM Out of Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County has long been a national leader in creating a safe community for immigrants by drawing a clear line between ICE and local law enforcement and promoting meaningful immigrant integration. Now our county elected officials want to revisit the possibility of entangling ICE with local law enforcement, creating a less safe community for all. Community groups and leaders led an action today to urge the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to reject PEP COMM and not allow ICE to dictate our county's criminal justice system. (The below music video was projected on a wall in the County building as part of an action by the FIRE coalition.)

Postcards from Silicon Valley©

Diane Solomon gets a view that many who drive Silicon Valley may miss. Commuting on bicycle she is able to see the undeniable truth of Silicon Valley's economic divide. We are home to the nation's fifth highest homeless population, and people etch out spaces to live in the shadow of tremendous wealth.

San Jose Renters Learn About Their Rights and Commit to Join Renter’s Rights Campaign

Sacred Heart's Renter's Rights Conference gathered neighbors to share their common experiences as renters, learn about their rights and how to get involved in the current renter's rights campaign in San José.

Family and Community Remember Richard "Harpo" Jacquez, 4th Police Killing In San Jose In 8 Days

On August 17, 2015, San Jose Police killed Richard "Harpo" Jacquez on a street by his cousin's home in South San Jose. He was shot five times in the back, he had no weapon, and was the fourth police killing in eight days. He was remembered tonight at a vigil attended by over 200 family, friends, and community members. People who spoke remembered him as a loving and present father, son, brother, cousin, grandfather, uncle, and friend -- someone who gave his last dollar to a person in need or who would run immediately by your side if you needed help. The families of Antonio Guzman Lopez, Diana Showman, and Oscar Grant came to show their support and solidarity. As the family prepares for his funeral, they are requesting support for his burial costs. Any donations are very much appreciated through this gofundme site: http://www.gofundme.com/5a252w54
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