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PHOTOS: Silicon Valley's Low-Income Residents March to Google and Apple

Silicon Valley's homeless, disabled, and elderly marched 30 miles from East San Jose to Google's headquarters in Mountain View to bring attention to the rise in poverty locally as the corporation avoids paying billions in taxes through offshore shell companies. They called the march "Heal the Valley." When arriving at Google, the group, lead by the Community Homeless Alliance Ministry, also united with the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) for an action: chanting, drumming, and praying in the middle of Google's lunch patio. The marchers held a similar rally at Apple's headquarters the day before. Marchers say their Heal the Valley pilgrimage will continue to meet and organize to challenge the growing inequity in Silicon Valley. Photography by Charisse Domingo.

"There's Gold Out West" -- Spoken Word by Andrew "SoCiety" Bigelow

SoCiety is a San Jose artist and poet that speaks on some of the issues facing California, he delivered this piece as part of the Heal the Valley march -- from East San Jose to the steps of Google and Apple.

The San Jose Hip Hop Takeover of Santa Cruz: A Night In Photos

Recapping this dope hip hop show, taken over by San Jose's up and coming emcees over at Santa Cruz's "Blue Lagoon". Rappers Cola, Bless & Gift, the group Westacy, Producer \Dj C-Note, and Maclolm Lee threw down for "The Josie". Check out the night in photos.      

The Everyday Yogi: One Man's Journey to Find Himself Through Yoga

He started practicing yoga to feel better physically. But after learning the practice through teachers, videos and books, says the true essence of yoga has little to do with tying yourself in knots.

Baylingual Music Review: Fall Brings New Talent, and Growth of Already Respected Artists

This past month has been big in Hip Hop with the arrival of new talent and the growth of artists we already respect. This week's post is a compilation of the new breed, as well as veterans who took the stage this month. So kickback and listen to this weeks "We Speak Baylingual" playlist, and let us know what you think.

1 Week at De-Bug: Family Brings Son Home from Immigration Detention, Other Family Stops a Life Sentence

Photos of a powerful week in De-Bug's Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project (ACJP), where families fight to bring their loved homes home from jail, prison, and immigration detention. At Sunday's meeting, one family brought a son home from immigration detention after two years, on Tuesday's meeting, one family brings a son home who was facing a life sentence. To stay updated on the work, follow www.acjusticeproject.org.

Instructions Not Included - A Movie for My Mom and I

This past Sunday my mother and I spent the day together; we decided to go to the movies. Mainly because we had not been in a while, and because there was a movie out that my mom wanted to see called Instructions Not Included or "No se Aceptan Devoluciones".

Krayzie Bone In The Mix With Baylingual

SV De-Bug's journalist Baylingual was invited to an event at Pesos Bodega, a local street wear/fashion boutique in the South Bay. Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was promoting his The Life Apparel (TL). Check out this interview with Krayzie Bone who talks about performing with the Eazy-E hologram, longevity in music, upcoming goals, and more.

4 Reasons Why San Jose/Santa Clara County Is a National Leader in Social Justice

Heading into Fall, De-Bug wants to acknowledge the nationally significant policy wins in criminal justice reform, police accountability, and immigration that occurred this Summer -- all of which make were first-of-its-kind victories in their respective fields.

A Teacher's Confession: Why the Start of School is the Best and Worst Part of the Year

This teacher spent two months of summer bliss rubbing her vacation time in the faces of friends and family. Now, school is in full swing, and she must remember why she loves teaching, if only to compensate for her total absence of a social life.
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