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"Los Disco Duro" A Cumbia Musical Reboot

Musical project "Los Disco Duro" literally translates to "The Hard Drives"; the sound they produce is a combination of Afro-Latin dance rhythms with the fast paced High-Tech culture here in the Bay Area. Catch their first performance in San Jose at Sonido Clash 6/6/14 #discoduro #sonidoclash #

180 Turn Around: Yerba Buena High School

Silicon Valley De-Bug has had the honor and privilege of working with an extraordinary group of students in Yerba Buena High School's 180 Class. The 180 Class, taught by Charles Fowler, created a transformative experience for a group of YB students who were previously struggling in school and academics; this being the purpose of the class to give the students a 180 turn around. Now, these amazing students are achieving in the classroom and have found new purpose in not only their education but in their greater community as well.

Arrested While Brown: Chicago Police Profile Two Latino Health Care Advocates

Two young latino community organizers were arrested while trying to organize in a predominantly white neighborhood in Chicago when a neighbor had called the police for the two young men saying they looked like criminals. This piece was originally published in Equal Voice News.

Santa Clara County Judicial Candidates Asked to Respond to Issues of Homelessness

On May 18th, the Stop the Ban Coalition (STB) -- a broad coalition of groups opposed to criminalizing the homeless -- held a judicial candidate forum in Palo Alto, CA. Annrae Angel was the only candidate to attend, and she along with candidate Julianne Sylva submitted written responses presented by coalition member Aram James. The forum, and written correspondence, is precedent setting in that it serves as the first time judicial candidates were asked to respond to the homeless community and advocates. All 2014 Santa Clara County judicial candidates -- Judge Diane Ritchie, Deputy District Attorney Matt Harris, Defense Attorney Annrae Angel, Deputy District Attorney Julianne Sylva, Defense Attorney Dennis Lempert, and Deputy District Attorney Stuart Scott -- were invited by the Stop the Ban coalition to participate in the forum and submit written responses, and were told their writings would be posted on the De-Bug website. Below is a summary of Annrae Angel's verbal responses in the forum from the moderator STB member Edie Keating, and Annrae Angel's and Julianne Sylva's written responses to the separate set of written questions by the STB coalition. Forum organizers say the candidates who have not responded in writing to the questions from the coalition are encouraged to submit writings up until June 2nd, 2014.

Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders: "A Community of Contrasts" #IAMBEYOND

The month of May is Asian Pacific Islander month, in a new report titled "A Community of Contrasts" the report shows that Pacific Islanders have some of the highest rates of poverty, incarceration and low rates of higher education. 

San Jose "COPS" Show Is A Bad Idea For Police Department

Bringing the show "COPS" to San Jose seemed a bizarre PR move at first, but given the timing, it can be downright damaging to police and community relations. This article was originally published in the San Jose Mercury News.

Then And Now: Probation Youth Reflect

These strong young people share with us their stories of who they once were, who they are now and who they want to be. For these youth, life has changed dramatically with stories only some can imagine. Who these young people are today is not necessarily who they always were nor who they will be. The bravery of these youth to share with us their stories and reflections is to be admired. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.

A Young Man From San Jo Learns "Patience"

A young teenager carries the weight of the pain and suffering of his mother and copes with the grievance the only way he knows.

Cornealious "Mike" Anderson Gives Us Reason to Re-Examine Mandatory Sentences

He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but due to a clerical error, was never sent to prison. So Anderson went on to live a product life in the community. When 13 years passed, and the prison realized their error, they took him into custody. This week, he got released, with time served. His case gives us a chance to re-think the absurdity if mandatory sentences.

Should Palo Alto Build a New Shelter for the Homeless?

Palo Alto resident and civil rights advocate Aram James contends that given the closing of the Sunnyvale Armory, the time is right for Palo Alto to become a leader in the housing first model.
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