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International Womyn's Day Celebration in East San Jose

Somos Mayfair and the Trinidad United Methodist Church in east San Jose opened their space up to the community for a celebration of International Women's Day. The South Bay International Womyn's Day Network brought families, girls and women of all ages together to celebrate, learn and dance!

Every Day Is Women’s Day for Observant Muslims

Christopher Patrick Nelson writes how his Muslim faith informs how women should be treated, and he brings the message forth on International Women's Day.

Mujer Poem

This is a Throwback Thursday to kick off our women's history month features. International Women's Day is this Sunday March 8th, and with that present we share this poem written in the spirit of seeing that more unites us than what separates us.

The Only Affordable Place to Live in San José is My Car

Ed Note: San José is one of the least affordable cities to live in in the country - according to the National Association of Home Builders only 21% of San José’s households can afford to buy a median priced home versus the national average of 63%. According to the last count in 2013, there are 4,770 homeless people in San José, with the majority of those living outdoors, in parks, a car, or encampments. Yaveth reveals how he is one of those folks navigating the few options a lack of affordable housing in the land of plenty leaves. He spent a year and a half living out of his car after his family was forced to move to Tracy when they lost their San José home of 25 years to foreclosure. Only recently a friend convinced him to share the rent on a garage, he now has a regular place to rest his head, but without the owner of the home knowing there's another tenant.

The New Great Migration: What's Pushing the Bay Area to Los Angeles?

Writer Hector Gonzalez sees a growing trend of Bay Area folks in their late 20’s and early 30’s moving to L.A., he cites the cost of living in the Bay Area as well as the abundant opportunity in L.A. as motivators for the move.

Moments on Tour - Broke The Emcee: The Opening Act who Brought More

Daniel Zapien got a taste of tour life with up and coming rappers from the Bay Area and beyond. As the photographer on The Winter Fresh Tour, he captured moments with his lens and describes how he got to know each of the artists as they traveled up and down the west coast. This is the first of his series on moments from tour life.

Family Secrets Travel With You: A Review of Sandip Roy's Debut Novel 'Don't Let Him Know'

After living in the US for twenty years, writer Sandip Roy currently based in Calcutta has dropped his long awaited novel, "Don't Let Him Know" following the story and secrets of an Indian family's migration.

therethere and SV De-Bug Collab

De-Bug is happy to announce we are the featured Nonprofit of the Month at therethere! For the entire month of February, 10% of therethere web sales will help support De-Bug’s work. Also, if you use the special De-Bug code: TTSV15 on their website, you can get 30% of your purchase. So buy a shirt, rep San Jose love, and support De-Bug!

Rellenials: Digital Snippets of Generation Y and The Beggining of the Visual DJ

You ever wonder what is floating in the brains of Generation Y? You ever heard of a visual DJ? Daniel Zapien describes how he created 'Rellenials' as a way to explain what he sees when he hears music.

Indigenous Bloc Leads One of The Largest Climate Change Marches Together In Oakland

Native Americans and Pacific Islanders marched together this past weekend in one of the largest Climate Change marches in Oakland. Sending a message to Governor Brown to ban fracking in California, connecting fracking to climate change and the waters rising in the Pacific Ocean while islands go under sea.
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