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'Tis the Season... To Kick Out ICE

In the spirit of the holiday season, this past Dec. 11th children wrote "Dear Supervisor" letters to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. The children wrote to ask the board to refrain from proposing harmful policies that entangle ICE with local law enforcement and create stress and worry in our families. This action was part of the FIRE Coalition's ongoing work to ensure that local jails will not respond to ICE's detainer or notification requests.

An Open Letter to the San Jose City Council and Santa Clara Board of Supervisors

Following an unprecedented vote by San Jose City council to approve sanctioned campsites for the homeless, the County Board of Supervisors now has the final say on moving forward. Writer, Shaunn Cartwright, urges them to do what is morally right.

'They Call Us Terrorists' - Muslim Students Bullied in California Schools

With the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino the Muslim community is feeling the backlash - from the presidential candidate Donald Trump proposing anti-Muslim laws to the rise in individual attacks of people who are Muslim or are perceived to be Muslim. Michael Lozano sits down with Muslim youth to talk about what's happening to them at school.

This Week in Peace, A Column by San Jose's Peace Dancer

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of a champion – one, Khalilah Ramirez, Dancer of Peace. Written under divine inspiration, this column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. The Dance of Peace is performance art designed for one purpose: Peace in every heart. It is meant to engage people. It functions to start a dialogue about peace. It exists to do and be art and to introduce the bright and shining energy of peace to all who are watching. Bringing awkwardness and then dissolving it in an instant.

A Year After the Closing of The Jungle, is San Jose's City Council Finally Ready to Act?

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the closing (12/4/14) of The Jungle - the largest homeless encampment in the nation. Meanwhile, Housing for All Alliance, a group of individuals and organizations who work for all to be housed, has proposed a moratorium on sweeps of smaller camps and the establishment of sanctioned encampments. Housing For All member Phil Mastracola writes that San Jose City Council can bring back stability to our most vulnerable by voting for legal campsites at a meeting this Tuesday. Housing for All is holding a press conference today at 2pm to support the proposal, and is calling on community members to attend the meeting.

Photography Exhibit Entitled "Status Update" Depicts Change and Inequality in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is booming. Riding waves of tech innovation and venture capitalism, residents are speculating and accumulating faster than ever before. Yet, as some drive growth, others struggle to survive it. Anxieties about the rising costs of living abound. Rapid change can be invigorating, but it can also alienate and divide. Status Update emphasizes the perspectives of local and outside artists currently working in the region.

Veterans Day: Welcome Home Warriors

Dedicated to Henry Lincoln Johnson. Many challenges face our veterans returning from service, but perhaps the greatest challenge is being away from war and being home.

San Jose Domestic Violence Survivors Speak Out with Art and Community

The Reclaiming Ourselves Art Show was a night of celebration, of courage and holding space for survivors of domestic violence to share words that for some were the first time ever spoken to an audience.

What is Quality Representation in the Courts?

We recently had the honor of sharing our work and perspectives to a powerful group of social scientists, public defenders, and academics from across the country who came together through the National Science Foundation to discuss a profoundly important question for anyone concerned with justice: What is quality representation?  So to bring something to the table, we just asked people who come to our meetings for families who’s loved ones are facing the court system that basic question. Here is their responses.

Hopes For Home, While Reflecting From Juvenile Hall

Editor’s Note: I have been helping run workshops inside Santa Clara County’s Juvenile Hall over the past 6 months with a program called The Beat Within that generates a magazine every two weeks from writings coming from Juvenile Hall. The strength and resilience of these young people continue to amaze me with them being 14 to 18 years old. Below are some reflections from inside Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall.
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