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Mini-Doc: Being a San Jose DJ

Being a San Jose DJ (feat. Cutso, Goldenchyld, Benofficial, Vex One, SmoovGroovs, Shea Butter) Documentary filmed by Naughty Seatty, Edited by Jose Ruiz, Produced by Arman "StrongArm" Mahmoudi

Hustlin' Justice: Profile Of Rapper Jasiri-X

Jasiri-X never planned on being an activist. The better ones never do. Writer Randle Aubrey from Soapbox Magazine sits down with the rapper on his visit to San Jose.

DeBuggin' San Jose's Return of "Music In The Park"

July 19th, 2013 @ St. James Park, San Jose Music in the Park with Ozomatli. SV De-Bug had a great night printing t-shirts live and meeting new amazing people. Check out photos as DeBug hits the return of Music In the Park for a memorable summer day in San Jose.

Police Newsletter Promotes "Letter of Apology" Tactic to Beat Claims of Coercion

In the July edition of the Vanguard, a magazine that identifies itself as the “official publication of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association,” is a step by step guide on how and why police should get a letter of apology during interviews in order to impact how cases are later adjudicated in the courts. The piece offers "techniques used by sales professionals," explains why "defense attorneys hate" to see the letters, and how they can be "one more nail in the coffin of your case."

Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, and the Value of Human Life in America

Commentator Shamako Noble discusses the Martin decision and the recently released movie "Fruitvale" in the backdrop of race, hip hop, and social movement in America.

Live Printing at 25th Anniversary Music in the Park!

Bring something to print on. SV De-Bug will have a booth at MITP where we will be screen printing live!

Zimmerman Verdict Exposes Systemic Racism in Jury Selection

Former public defender Aram James has seen the inner-workings of the courtroom for decades, and has long accused the system being inherently flawed. The ZImmerman verdict, he writes, is emblematic of systemic issues such as racial bias in jury selection that must be addressed if justice is ever to be achieved for black life like Trayvon Martin.

Oakland Natives Welcome Auckland Natives To Their Homeland

It was a packed house earlier this week at the Intertribal Friendship House when Maori group, Te Whaka Huia made their way from Auckland, New Zealand to Oakland, Bay Area and were greeted with a ceremonial welcoming from the Ohlone Bay Area Natives.

Still I Ride - Photos by Kymeira Stewart

14 year old Kymeira Stewart journeys for 2 hours to get from home in South San Jose to school in Downtown San Jose. This is her journey from daybreak to sundown.

Sonido Clash gets its IndepenDance on with Los Rakas, M-Ten, Philthy Dronez.

July 5th, 2013 - Pagoda Lounge inside the Fairmont Hotel in San José, CA - Los Rakas (Oakland/Panama) celebrated for Fourth of July Weekend with Sonido Clash & Universal Grammar with local rapper M-Ten and resident DJ Philthy Dronez.
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