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Dropping the 'i' Word -- History, Humanity and Martians

In early April the Associated Press announced that it would no longer use the word “illegal” when referring to undocumented immigrants. Below, authors Andrew Lam, Helen Zia and Chitra Divakaruni offer their own views on the term “illegal” through the lens of the immigrant experience.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Bonkers By Cola (New Release)

This is a good visual of Cola's single "Bonker's" Produced by Noah Boa of BottomNotch. Video done by David Camarena         Parental Advisory

Raul y Mexia Bring a Menudito of Musical Flavors

Local Latin Pop Duo Raul Y Mexia celebrated the release of their CD titled "Arriba y Lejos" at the Pagoda Restaurant & Lounge inside the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown San José with family, friends, and local media. -Photos By: Mewael Tekleab

Getting Legal Status At 28, A Whole World Opens

Adrian Avila is a 28 year old immigrant who recently recieved legal status, he writes about the"the power of transformation of undocumented to documented." This piece originally appeared in the San Jose Mercury News.

"Technically" - An Animation Short on a Technological Adventure

"Technically", is a short animation created by Courtney Coffman. It depicts a teen who turns to the internet to try to learn how to play a guitar. Find out what happens when he does.

"7-Trees" A Photography Show By Daniel Valencia

Daniel Valencia at Metro gallery exhibits "7-Trees", a solo photography show that covers life in the neighborhood.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: The Underdog Is Back: Profile of San Jose Hip Hop Artist Cola

San Jose's own Cola just released his second project from the Underdog series. Commentator Baylingual spent the day with Cola the day before his music dropped, gaining insight on the man behind the clever lyrics rhyme scheme.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: Music On Another Plane

This week in Hip Hop was special because it's "Music" with "No Brakes". Literally a "Twisted Fantasy" on "Another Plane" helping you soar over a bad day and into a good weekend. So check it out and vibe with some of the local talent.

Packet Schools – My One Hour a Week Classroom

Seventh grade student Semaj recently got transferred to a new school for the rest of the school year. He didn't expect that "school" would mean going just once a week, picking up a packet and returning the following week.

Why Does “Cleaning Up” SF Mean Painting Over Art?

Arbor Day is an annual tradition in San Francisco where civic leaders join the public in cleaning up the city and planting trees. But De-Bug commentator Andrew Bigelow wonders why painting over graffiti murals is viewed as part of city officials plan to beautify San Francisco.
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