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MALI Art / Life Forum

A first-of-its-kind gathering of all the Silicon Valley Multicultural Arts Leaders. This inaugural forum will focus on building connectivity between Multicultural Arts Leaders and fostering cross cultural artistic/programatic collaborations in our local Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Ecosystem.

Spoken Word: Bright Skies With Dark Days

De-Bug's young 14-year-old poet Kaylani performs her piece which poses the question: Why as a society do we complain about everything when there are so many people with nothing? Kaylani creates a beautiful heart felt piece, by stepping back and reflecting on the simple pleasures of life, the difference between true hardships, and luxury.

Is San Jose's Roots a Thing of the Past?

As San Jose grows as a tech mecca, commentator Hector Gonzalez wonders where the iconic cultural "jewels" that made San Jose's identity have gone, and the implication of the loss on the city.

Helping Community: The Family of Rey Res

At De-Bug, our most significant moments have been when we suffer losses in our community -- whether it being the transition of loved ones, incarceration, or some other tragedy. But what defines and inspires us is how the community responds and comes together to support each other through such challenging times.

Young Addiction: Probation Youth Reflect

These young leaders powerfully reflect on their journeys from being young and addicted in the streets to their current path of recovery. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with the authors.

Kumbia Queers -Sonido Clash

Sonido Clash celebrated St. Patty's day on Monday March 17, 2014 with an all ages show and live performance by Las Kumbia Queers. Video: AD Avila Photos: Tiburon Zenitram

The Rise of the "Silicon Valley Bay"

Commentator and community organizer Shamako Noble has lived all over the Bay Area. He sees an esculation in the number of people who no longer can afford to live in the cities they grew up in as corporations move in and increase the cost of living. He named this phenomenon "Silicon Valley Bay."

Cultural Events Remaining for the Month of March

We are mid way through the month of March and there are more than enough events left to attend in the South Bay. Check out our list of concert performances, book releases, breakfast benefits, community discussions, art walks, film festivals and a celebration of Women's History Month.

The Life of Andrea Naharro-Gionet

On November 16th, 2013 sixty one year old Andrea Naharro-Gionet was shot and killed by a Santa Clara County Sheriff. Often times in officer involved shootings, the public hears only about the death of the victim, but rarely do they hear about the life lost. In this interview, Andrea's husband talks about her life, spirit, and meaning in his life.

Society - Gold Out West | Video Premiere

Premiere of the Gold Out West music video by Society Song Produced By: Merc. Video Directed By: Fernando J, Pérez Assistant Director: Marlo Rose "Big city, still wasy to feel alone surrounded by wealth, left to wonder why its not my own" - Societywrites
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