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Thrilla' of Manila: Graffiti In The Phillipines

Photographer Abraham Menor recently returned from a trip to the Philippines where he photographed the thriving graffiti and street culture. "The pieces or letters help bring character and sometimes bring a sense of beauty to the areas that breathe hardship," he said.

The Fear That Young Women Learn Earlier Than You Think

Amazing writer and poet, Kymeira Stewart writes an important piece on what fear for young women looks like in everyday life.

Occupied California

Latest Sideways Burnouts music video takes on American history.

Families of the 43 Disappeared Students from Ayotzinapa Mexico Seek the Truth

Half a month into a speaking tour across the U.S., family members and classmates of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, México arrived in San José as part of Caravana 43, seeking the help of the international community to keep México's plight in the spotlight and drawing special attention to the Merida Initiative aimed at combating drug trafficking and organized crime, but which the speakers stressed has only served to suppress the Mexican people.

Photos: The Jungle Community Returns to Hold a Press Conference After The City's Wipeout

At a press conference yesterday held at the original encampment of "The Jungle" community members speak out on how they still need help.

How a Doula Found Her Calling

To close out Women's History Month we interview a doula in training – someone who assists women before, during, and after childbirth. Jessica Castaneda, 25, is a mother of two children Noah, 4 and Metztli 2. She tells us more about what got her on this path and how she came to find it was part of her family lineage.

Andrew Bigs' Dollaz: A San Jose Story

The Dollaz song and music video follows Andrew Bigs' past and present relationship with money in a city where wealth disparity is prevelant. Through the combined story telling of award winning Director Marlo Custodio and the vibrant energy of the song, the video takes you around San Jose in a way that has not been seen.

Equipto: We are Creators and Caretakers of Hip-Hop

Daniel Zapien got a taste of tour life with up and coming rappers from the Bay Area and beyond. As the photographer on The Winter Fresh Tour, he captured moments with his lens and describes how he got to know each of the artists as they traveled up and down the west coast. This is the second of his series on moments from tour life.

San José Renters Begin Movement to Change Laws around Renters Rights in San José

Last week about 60 people came together at the Dr. Roberto Cruz Library in East San José for an initial renters rights conversation. It was the first meeting of its kind in the city in recent history and tenants were enthusiastic to tackle the issues of providing protections for renters and making housing affordable in one of the most expensive places to live.

Stories and Struggles of Migrant Women in the South Bay

Continuing the celebration of Women's History month a community dialogue, Stories and Struggles of Migrant Women in the South Bay was organized featuring organizers from Pilipinos Alliance of Workers and Immigrants, Mujeres Unidas y Activas and Vendedores Unidos.
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