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Baylingual: Remembering Bay Area Legend "The Jacka"

On February 2nd, I was having a conversation with some of the homies about Bay Area Hip Hop Artists that got taken from us. There was Pac, Mac Dre, Coughnut, and Charisma to name a few. The very same night we had this conversation, coincidently The Jacka was taken from us in a tragic shooting in Oakland. I grew up listening to this guy, I met this guy, and it's just a sad day in The Bay, a sad day in America.

‘When My Brother Comes’ - New Regs Could Discourage Prison Visits

Ed. Note: A new set of California regulations aimed at ferreting out contraband in state prisons threatens to discourage visits to family or friends behind bars. The regulations – which require visitors of all ages to submit to a canine and/or strip search – will become permanent this year barring a reversal by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Criminal justice advocates fear the regulations could deter visits they say are central to lowering recidivism rates. Fresno native Tou Vang, 40, spent 20 years locked up and says routine visits from his brother helped him “feel part of society,” easing the transition to life outside.

Parents, Students, and Teachers pack SJUSD Board Meeting Urging them to Vote No on Proposed Move of Charter Schools

Students, parents, teachers, and supporters packed the San José Unified School District’s Board Meeting last night where they were to vote on whether to keep DCP at its current campus location for another year, along with proposed moves for two other charter schools. The Board did vote to hold back on the move for one year and work together with the schools on the future plans.

Infographic: Downtown College Prep Students Oppose Moving of Campus, And Say It Will Harm Their Education

The San Jose Unified School District has proposed moving the campus of Downtown College Prep -- a charter school located in West San Jose aimed at increasing college enrollment for youth of color. While administrators have debated the issue, DCP students have decided to make sure their voice was heard on the issue. Kymeira Stewart, a junior at DCP, created a student survey and conducted it with 200 students. Students also wrote commentary responses to each question. See the infographic for the results. 

Federal Lawsuit Filed for Shooting Death of Antonio Guzman Lopez by San Jose State Police

The family of Antonio Guzman Lopez has filed suit in federal court against San Jose State Officers Mike Santos and Frit Van Der Hoek and the university for his killing on February 22, 2014. Laurie Valdez, Antonio's partner and mother of his child, has led a local movement against police violence after the tragic shooting, and is also calling for criminal charges to be filed on the officers. Below is the complaint submitted on behalf of Antonio's family, where it states Antonio was shot "without warning."

"Out Here": A California Photo History by Rian Dundon

"Out Here", is a collection of a photographic history from photographer Rian Dundon. Dundon who grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, before emigrating to China for six years. On his return to the U.S., he documented the inextricable changes that have transformed his hometown, his neighbors and his friends.

Why are Loved Ones Treated as Subhuman at Prisons?

Gina Clayton, executive director of San Francisco-based Essie Justice Group writes about how new California state prison regulations turn an already burdensome visiting process into one that more families and children will stay away from.  The mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, grandmothers and aunts of California’s incarcerated men and women in California – urge the California state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to reconsider its current course and find a more effective, less humiliating approach to keeping prisons safe and free of contraband. This article first appeared in Equal Voice News

San Jose Youth Reflect on "Selma" and Martin Luther King's Message to Their Generation

De-Bug asked San Jose high school youth to watch "Selma" and tell us how the messages of the film relates to their generation. On this MLK Day, read their thoughts and perspectives on what the "dream" means to them in today's America. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.

"Prop 47 Continues To Protect Family"

At Sacred Heart Community Services on Jan. 9th about 45 people gathered to discuss Gov. Brown’s proposed 2014-15 State Budget to support statewide efforts by California Partnership, a coalition of community-based groups organizing and advocating for policies and programs that reduce and end poverty. DeBug's own, Charisse Domingo shared this speech about the impact of passing Prop 47.

Silicon Valley: The Image vs Reality

Down the street from what was formerly known as The Jungle - one of the largest homeless encampments in the country - is Yerba Buena High School. Inside an Advanced Placement History class, young people were learning of the Guilded Age in the U.S., a time often acknowledged as having an abundance of wealth, yet often overlooked for its extreme poverty. These students were asked to compare Silicon Valley to the Guilded Age and its image vs. its reality as young people living here. This is what they came up with.  These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors. 
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