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Echoes of ‘60s March: Sixties-Style Civil Disobedience Drives New Era of Activism

"The most captivating activists of today are not looking at the ‘60s as a history book, they are looking at it as a playbook."

Second Hand Hustlin' in Silicon Valley

With unemployment checks running out, jobs running scarce, flipping garage sale and flea market finds has become a growth industry.

VIDEO: The Cannery Grand Opening

The Cannery is a creative zone focused on bringing a touch of color and style to San Jose. Artists Abel Gonzales and John Barrick team up and offer The Cannery as a gallery space to showcase local art, apparel and to offer artistic services such as sign painting, design, and murals, just to name a few.

Santa Clara County Families Stop Ban of Letters to Inmates

Congratulations to the families, organizations (Sisters That Been There, ACJP, NAACP, CJA, SV Law Foundation, and more), and individuals who made their voices heard this Summer when news broke that jail administrators were considering stopping inmates from receiving letters. This week administrators announced they are backing off the policy, thus allowing the "lifelines" of letters to continue.

Your Beach Ain't Safe -- The Truth Behind California's Sands and Waters

Everyone knows that beach pollution exists. Everyone agrees that it is bad. But does it stop anyone from going to the beach? When questioned as to whether or not they checked beach grades before going, beachgoers at Seacliff and Rio Del Mar in Santa Cruz County uniformly responded with an unashamed “no.”

San Jose's Rey Resurreccion Continues Evolution with "First Street Sessions" Collaboration Project

Though there are many artists making quality music in the 408 at the moment, Rey has remained at the forefront of the movement, and is pushing the game forward in 2013 with new work.

Palo Alto to Decide Whether Sleeping in Car Should Result in Jail Sentence

On Monday August 5th, Palo Alto City Council will vote on the controversial "anti-vehicle dweller ordinance," an effort many say criminalizes homelessness. Commentator Aram James is part of a larger effort to stop the ban, and says the ordinance contradicts the history of civil rights values that have been espoused by elected officials. A version of this article originally ran in the Daily Post.

"The Super Undoc Rises" : A Short by Wil Prada

If there was a super heroe who could save undocumented folks in America, this would be what some of their daily struggles would look like.

Hip Hop for Justice 2

Hip Hop Artists and Social Justice Advocates Unite to Provide Performances // Resources for San Jose Youth.

An Act of Trust: How Keeping ICE Out of Jails Builds Community Cooperation

Santa Clara County has been lauded nationally by immigrant rights advocates for its policy of keeping ICE out of its jails. Two years after the implementation of the policy, local community members, faith leaders, and civil rights groups share their observations of how the policy has built needed trust in the county.
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