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For Those Behind The Walls, Letters Are Our Lifelines

There is currently a proposal to dramatically restrict inmates in the Santa Clara County jail system from receiving letters. Steeda McGruder, founder of Sisters That Been There, writes about the profound power of receiving letters while incarcerated, and shares correspondence from women currently behind the walls who write about the "life-saving" value of letters.

"Teach Them Intead of Handing Them a Packet, Yo" -- Silicon Valley Youth Respond to Viral Video of Student Calling for Engagement in the Classroom

The cell phone video of a Texas high school student speaking out about what's wrong with packet education has become a viral sensation -- garnering millions of hits and launching online debates around the status of public education. De-Bug High writers gave their thoughts on the video in the context of their own education experiences.

We Speak Baylingual Music Series: It's One of those Days Under the Stars

This week in "We Speak Baylingual" is a good week because it just felt good to be back in the studio full of creativity, so I wanted to share what other folks are doing with that feel good music. I.L.A.M (Playa Rae and Trey C), Klassikjay, YarrowSlaps, and Amplified, alongside throwback videos that I feel go good with this weeks batch of music. (Parental Advisory) <---in case people find some of the music offensive

LOL’s, OMG’s, and GMO’s: Monsanto and the Next Generation

On May 25th, communities all over the world will be demonstrating against Monsanto -- a multinational bio-tech corporation that is creating genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and has vast lobbying power in the halls of goverment. In San Jose, the march will start at San Jose State.

Kern Residents -- Fatal Police Beating Didn't Happen in a Vacuum

National media attention may help prompt a public backlash against abusive behavior by law enforcement in this heavily Latino region of California. See addition at end of article from San Jose Police Department Duty Manual on "Onlooker" policy.

E7S Mural Project with Poesia and Sam Rodriguez

Poesia and Sam Rodriguez, both Bay Area artists, teamed up once again to produce an amazing piece for the E7S Mural Project.

VIDEO: Transforming the Courts Through Family and Community Participation

As ACJP launches a new training series for organizations to impact their local court system, we are releasing this mini-documentary to give a glimpse into the stories, strategies, and triumphs we have witnessed. From a mother freeing her son, to a church creating an ACJP hub, this video shows the early stages of our growth (recorded a year and a half ago.)

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: I'm an Independent High Roller, with an Everlasting Bang in Hip Hop, can Ya Dig It?

This week in Hip Hop is special since we are getting alot of new admissions. Some of the OG's and the Newer artist are working tough at creating a movement out of the Bay Area. So check out this week's music choice with Ziggy, Tazzino, Nebulous, and Dem One.

Dancing Against San Francisco Bullets

Samoan dances hold history of the islands, passed down for centuries and centuries. Amongst heavy violence in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood, Nise is still passing those stories down through Samoan "siva"(dance) in front of her home, the same place she's witnessed her community/family members killed.

DC Decisions Shake My San Jose Home -- How the Sequester Hit My Family

The term "sequester" -- referring to the federal budget cuts that went into effect in March due to the Congress failing to agree to a budget -- seemed like a distant issue to San Jose writer Cesar Flores. But those decisions in DC cost his dad his job here in San Jose, and the family is doing what they can to hold on.
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