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VIDEO: Postal Workers Protest the Privatization of Mail

Members of the U.S. postal service protest against the privatization of mail through Staples. This would leave thousands of US mail branch employees unemployed, and U.S. mail in the hands of non-union Staples employees. What is being asked is for Staples to hire the USPS Union employees as either managers of the Staples postal branches, to manage and train the Staples employees, or to be hired to work inside the Staples postal branches.

Building Silicon Valley Pools, I See Who’s Swimming and Who’s Drowning in the Economy

Who's making it in the Valley and who's time has passed, can sometimes be judged by what's going on in their backyards.

Designing the 21st Century School

Over 200 students from San Jose gathered to discuss the current conditions of public education, and to imagine the schools of the future that can inspire and prepare the next generation. The precedent setting event was supported by educators, policy-makers and community advocates who are supportive these pioneering youth. Writing by Daniel Zapien, video by Fernando Perez.
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