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Renter's Rights Training in East San José

About 40 people gathered at La Trinidad Church in East San José to participate in a training organized by PACT. The training aimed to outline current laws for renters and talk about how to organize to change and improve policies to have stronger renter protections.

Book Review: Only The Devil Tells the Truth

"I’ve learned over the years that stories are the most powerful tool of persuasion we have," says the author of Only the Devil Tells the Truth, Jake D. Parent. Parent grew up in San Jose and his first novel provides a new voice in the realm of addiction and recovery literature.

Workers Rally for $15 Wage at Fast Food Restaurants in San Jose

More than 150 people joined a morning rally in East San Jose on Thursday April 15th to support fast food workers in their fight to raise wages to $15 an hour and join a union. The McDonald's on Story Road and Capitol Expressway was one of hundreds of restaurants targeted for actions across the country. Six workers walked off the job that day to join the rally, inspiring supporters of the campaign in its initial stages in the South Bay.

Families of the 43 Disappeared Students from Ayotzinapa Mexico Seek the Truth

Half a month into a speaking tour across the U.S., family members and classmates of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, México arrived in San José as part of Caravana 43, seeking the help of the international community to keep México's plight in the spotlight and drawing special attention to the Merida Initiative aimed at combating drug trafficking and organized crime, but which the speakers stressed has only served to suppress the Mexican people.

How a Doula Found Her Calling

To close out Women's History Month we interview a doula in training – someone who assists women before, during, and after childbirth. Jessica Castaneda, 25, is a mother of two children Noah, 4 and Metztli 2. She tells us more about what got her on this path and how she came to find it was part of her family lineage.

Stories and Struggles of Migrant Women in the South Bay

Continuing the celebration of Women's History month a community dialogue, Stories and Struggles of Migrant Women in the South Bay was organized featuring organizers from Pilipinos Alliance of Workers and Immigrants, Mujeres Unidas y Activas and Vendedores Unidos.

A Guerrilla Memorial for Tiburcio Vásquez on the Anniversary of His Hanging in San José’s St. James Park

A group of teatristas led by Luis ‘Xago’ Juarez, a professor at SJSU presented a short play in the form of a poem as a tribute to Tiburcio Vásquez on the 140th anniversary of his historic public hanging. American settlers portrayed Vásquez as a “thief”, a “murderer,” a “bandido” for actively resisting their newly established system, but for mexicanos and Chicanos he remains a hero.

Mobile Libraries Provide Free Book Exchange in East San Jose

Parents in East San Jose are fostering a love of language and culture with mobile libraries set up in the Mayfair community.

International Womyn's Day Celebration in East San Jose

Somos Mayfair and the Trinidad United Methodist Church in east San Jose opened their space up to the community for a celebration of International Women's Day. The South Bay International Womyn's Day Network brought families, girls and women of all ages together to celebrate, learn and dance!

Mujer Poem

This is a Throwback Thursday to kick off our women's history month features. International Women's Day is this Sunday March 8th, and with that present we share this poem written in the spirit of seeing that more unites us than what separates us.
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