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ICE Breaker Championships Raises Legal Funds For Young Immigrant and Sparks Unexpected Soccer Feud Between SJ and EPA

Supported by the local civil rights community, De-Bug's ACJP was able to raise the legal funds needed for a fourteen year old to fight a deportation order. The soccer tournament also turned out to be an epic sporting event that has redefined the concept of competition.

Bay Area Legal Leaders Move on From Their Posts

The heads of three of the most important, yet rarely talked about, legal institutions in the Bay Area are moving on. Author Raj Jayadev says the measure of their work can be found in the partnerships they formed with the communities they served.

For Trayvon Martin And America, Justice Hinges on Two Words: "Prosecutorial Discretion"

The missing piece from the national attention on the tragedy of Trayvon Martin is the role of the prosecutor, and the enormous authority they have in any potential case to determine if a criminal act has, or has not, occurred.

De-Bug's ACJP Member Wins Federal Civil Jury Trial Against Officer Who Used Excessive Force

Congratulations to Danny Pina, who first walked into De-Bug with a dislocated elbow, a busted nose, and a false resisting arrest charge. Three years later, he finally found the justice he was seeking.

East Palo Alto to Facebook: Friend Request Denied

As Silicon Valley celebrates the expansion of the Facebook campus, East Palo Alto residents, like organizer Anna Turner pictured here, are voicing concerns of displacement.

Occupy the 101 -- The Wall Street of the West

Protest Wall Street -- but don't forget about that tech bastion of inequality to the south: the high-tech firms of Silicon Valley.

Santa Clara County Ends Collaboration with ICE, Creates Local Protections Against Controversial "Secure Communities" Program

In what has been heralded the most progressive policy in the nation, Santa Clara County today voted in a new set of guidelines for civil immigration detainers, which in effect ends the county’s collaboration with Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

Voices & Visions for Criminal Justice Reform

On September 14, 2011, over 200 attendees -- parolees, probationers, families, elected officials, law enforcement managers -- came together to participate in a community forum Santa Clara County's criminal justice realignment plan.

Santa Clara County DA’s Office to Now Consider “Collateral Consequences”

In response to the increasing number of immigrants deported for minor offenses, the DA’s offense is implementing a new approach which allows prosecutors to consider factors beyond the limited scope of the charge and sentence.

Pastor Johnny Welcomes Parolees Home, and Connects Them with Needed Services

As counties across California struggle to develop plans to respond to Governor Brown's mandate that they receive thousands of inmates from the state prison system, one local pastor has already developed a working blueprint.
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