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Sonido Clash gets its IndepenDance on with Los Rakas, M-Ten, Philthy Dronez.

July 5th, 2013 - Pagoda Lounge inside the Fairmont Hotel in San José, CA - Los Rakas (Oakland/Panama) celebrated for Fourth of July Weekend with Sonido Clash & Universal Grammar with local rapper M-Ten and resident DJ Philthy Dronez.

San Jose Artists Rock Netroots Conference in Downtown

Only in San Jose can folks come together after a workshop on progressive blogging to a hip hop after party with San Jose's dopest Emcees.

One Voice/One Drum: DEM ONE & PC Muñoz

"One Voice/One Drum" is a new audio/visual collaboration between three accomplished Bay Area artists: acclaimed San Francisco percussionist PC Muñoz, San José rapper (and this year's Silicon Valley Mentor of the Year) DEM ONE, and award-winning peninsula-based filmmaker Christopher "Paper Son" Woon.

My 1st FanimeCon 2013

The 1st time I saw FanimeCon I was 17 years old waiting at the bus stop. There were a lot of people dressed up, I saw a samurai, a fairy, Super Mario, and Princess Peach, some of my favorite video game characters. I asked them what they were doing downtown dressed like that, and they told me "Fanime". So this year my goal was to go there and experience it first hand. These are a few of my experiences, enjoy.

From Oakland To Auckland: Emory Douglas and The Polynesian Panthers

When the Oakland Black Panther Party recruited Emory Douglas as their Minister of Culture, one thing that no one knew, is how his image of the Black Panther would start movements across the world in the city of Auckland with a group of Polynesians.

Hogar Dulce A Hogar - Mitsy Avila Ovalles @ The Arsenal

A San José artist known for colorful exhibits that makes you pay attention to the small details. From paintings to baked goods, Mitsy Avila Ovalles delivers.

Sonido Clash - Cinco de Mayo Edition

Friday May 3rd - San Jose, California - Experimental Infrared Photography by Richard Babcock coverage of Sonido Clash Cinco de Mayo edition, a 1st Friday monthly performance and dance party which explores the traditional, modern, and emerging Latin sound diaspora...

Don’t Blame Hip Hop for Molly, We Got it from the Ravers

The party drug Molly is all over hip hop. But commentator and rap artist Cola says the party drug did not come from hip hop culture, but rather seeped in from the mixing with other genres.

"7-Trees" A Photography Show By Daniel Valencia

Daniel Valencia at Metro gallery exhibits "7-Trees", a solo photography show that covers life in the neighborhood.

Why Does “Cleaning Up” SF Mean Painting Over Art?

Arbor Day is an annual tradition in San Francisco where civic leaders join the public in cleaning up the city and planting trees. But De-Bug commentator Andrew Bigelow wonders why painting over graffiti murals is viewed as part of city officials plan to beautify San Francisco.
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