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"Legacy of the Drum" Hip Hop & Aztec Culture Fusion

Future Arts Now & Tezkatlipoka Dance & Drum, two organizations serving the San José community came together recently for a special school presentation to teach youth about drumming and dancing.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: week of August 27 to september 3rd

Here's a labor day playlist for all my "Debuggers" out there who enjoy music.

Arriving And Becoming Postcards Around The World

DeBug has put together a crew we like to call the "Arriving and Becoming" crew. Exploring the immigration stories of elders from all over the world only to be met here in San Jose, California.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog:

This Week in Hip Hop has been very special since Ookie has been searching and looking around for some new music, that alot of people have not heard. So kickback chill and tune in to OokBug's Playlist of the week.

A Crash Course in Piracy - Info graphic

A nicely done info graphic on how piracy in the entertainment industry may not have as big as effect as we have been lead to believe. Take a look.

The Northern California Sureño (The Upstate Sureño)

On the streets of Northern California, it’s more then just a battle over turf and power but an internal issue of struggling with self identity.

Flea Market Hustlin'

Immigrants of all backgrounds and ages come to the San Jose Flea Market to sell their goods to survive and create their own American Dream -- to be their own boss. Commentator Manuel Rocha shares his story of working at the Flea Market as a young man, selling shoulder to shoulder with elders from around the globe. Photos also by Stephanie Flores, Jesus Medina, and video editing by Fernando Perez.

Youth Speaks Presents "Queeriosity"

Queeriosity is a literary arts and performance event that creates a safe space for LBGTQ youth to speak their truths to a supportive group of their peers and allies. If you’ve ever felt your identity overcrowding the tiny boxes, Queeriosity is for you.

Blind Birds- a short fictional film

This is the first episode to the mini series, "Blind Birds" A vision created by Marlo Custodio a film student at University of California Santa Cruz. Stay tuned for the follow ups.

Infographic - Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week

Feeling stressed out? Maybe you are working to much. Graphic artists Jen Rhee and her team have put together a thought provoking infographic, making a good case for shorter work weeks.
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