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Earth Day Weekend Clean Up At San Jose Homeless Encampment

This past Friday April 18 at the homeless camp known as "The Jungle" there was a community clean up in honor of Earth-day


This video shows the struggle of trying to make something of yourself, through the eyes of someone aiming for success.

"Why am I Ignored?" From The Bad Guy Poet

Poetry by Baylingual, intro to his upcoming album called "Y am I ignored?"

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: What time is it?

A brief look at the 2nd album of the San Jose based, spoken word, lyrical, skater, urban, herbal, rhythmical sensation duo, known as Metafizix.

Latin America Takes a Step Away from U.S. Policies and Towards Independent Future

"This weekend marked the first time in years that El Salvador, who leads the world in youth homicide rates, had no homicides. At the same time, the Latin America summit is going on where Latin America is pleading America to change its war on drug policies, there's a connection there", writes author Hector Gonzalez.

We Speak Baylingual Music Blog: I C U

A poem by Baylingual himself. It is the first track to his album called Crackpot theory 18 to 21 part 1. "I-C-U" is about the many ways life is viewed through the perspective of a young man.

"Water Writes" Mural Project In Gaza

The Maia Mural Brigade brought artists from The Estria Foundation's Water Writes Project and The Break the Silence Mural Project to travel to Palestine and collaborate with local artists on the creation of public murals depicting local water conditions. New America Media, News Report, Text: Nancy Hernandez//Video: Josue Rojas.

BYOB -- No, We Mean Bring Your Own Bag

Writer Diane Solomon talks about the January 1st plastic bag ban hitting San Jose.

Rambling Road Show stops by Silicon Valley De-Bug

The Rambling Road Show stopped by Silicon Valley De-Bug on Wednesday September 7th, 2011 as part of their 32 stop Dinner & Bikes Tour.

Sogorea Te; Native Americans Protect Sacred Site Glen Cove

Photographer Jamie Emerson and g$ take photos of Sogorea Te(Glen Cove) ceremonies after a final closing ceremony for the prayer vigil & encampment at Sogorea Te(Glen Cove) held on Saturday. Story by Luella Muñoz
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