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The Growth of Online Publishing, the Death of Print, and the Future of Information Access

The digitization of books have been expanding at an ever-quickening pace. But is the world ready for it?

Social Media Masquerade: A Digital Age of Identity Masks

Author Harold Bell examines how social media has become more about what we want others to think of us, rather then the lives we actually lead.

Silicon Valley Suicide Reverberates in Chinese Blogosphere

The suicide of a successful Chinese-American software engineer at Paypal has prompted some Chinese students to reconsider whether they should live and work in California’s Silicon Valley.

OMG! Facebook Could Ruin Your Life!(c)

Social networks such as facebook and twitter have been woven deep into our lives and relationships. But before you log on, read this article.

"Faceboo-kiando" -- What to do When Mom Friend Requests You

Sure, Facebook allows mom to connect with family across the border, but what do you do when she want be your Facebook friend?
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