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We Speak Baylingual is a blog located on SVDe-Bug’s website. Its a weekly post of local music releases every Friday. It also contains a video series interviewing artist all over the bay area, about culture, community, and anything in depth with the interviewee called 'Baylingual’. Anything with music whether you know someone, you do music, or want a video done, profile written anything involving music. 

Write him at: baylingual@yahoo.com

The Release of Society's Debut Album: P.A.S.T.D.U.E.

After months of countless work hours, all night studio sessions, self improvement exercises, and graduating from college, the long awaited solo debut project P.A.S.T.D.U.E. by Society is finally being released.

Sneakerheads Unite In San Jose

Welcome to the world of Bay Area shoe culture and urban fashion. Baylingual stopped by the SoleExpo2 in San Jose where some of the most sought after shoes were on display. Check out the short interviews on some of the brands creators and shoutout to SoleWest for throwing the event and Chuy Gomez for hosting, see you sneaker heads at the next event Feb 9th.

A True "Head to Head" Battle: California Hair Stylists Compete to See Who's the Best

This past weekend the "Urban Barber College" in Concord had what they called, "UBC Barber Battle: Best of the Best", a competition held to test a barber's skills. Barbers/Hairstylist's from all over the Bay Area to Sacramento, to as far south as L.A. competed to see who would be the best. Here are photos of the competition. 

Coverage of Super SacCon 2013, Interview of Phil Lamar of Mad TV, and Creator of Ren and Stimpy

The ConMen squad (comprised of Ookie, Merc., Sam, and Gino) travel to Sacramento for Super Sac-Con 2013. We got to hang out with attendees, browse the merch, interview Phil Lamar of MAD TV , and John K -- creator of Ren and Stimpy.

Video: "I Want To Be Like Him When I Grow Up"

Greg Sr. was in and out of incarceration for 22 years over the span of four decades . During his re-entry process, his son Greg Jr. walked with him every step of the way by giving his father love and advice. This video is part of the New America Media's Children of Re-Entry Project.

RonDaVOODOO took over the Underworld this Halloween

Happy Halloween Every Year, Bay Area Label and Rap crew RonDavoux Records unleash... RonDaVOODOO to the Underworld... ...Ghosts, Vampires, Ghouls and Demons may seem timid compared to the mysteries of this force. The Spirits are Summoned through Live Sermons, Esoteric Music, films that make Thriller look friendly & Secret GRG rituals...

Suite 801: A Couple of Hours with Rey Res

"Suite 801" is what San Jose Emcee, Rey Ressurreccion’s studio is called. It’s where he spends most of his time creating music, gathering ideas, and enjoying the view of his city. Baylingual had a chance to catch up with the Emcee for a couple of hours in the suite where the magic happens.

Baylingual Video Profile: Choppin' Game with Nima Fadavi

Nima Fadavi is a Bay Area based music producer known for his innovative beats. So you know Baylingual had to get him for an interview. Nima talks about what it's like touring as a DJ, how to brand your music, meeting 50 Cent, and more. So kickback, chill, and enjoy.

The San Jose Hip Hop Takeover of Santa Cruz: A Night In Photos

Recapping this dope hip hop show, taken over by San Jose's up and coming emcees over at Santa Cruz's "Blue Lagoon". Rappers Cola, Bless & Gift, the group Westacy, Producer \Dj C-Note, and Maclolm Lee threw down for "The Josie". Check out the night in photos.      

Baylingual Music Review: Fall Brings New Talent, and Growth of Already Respected Artists

This past month has been big in Hip Hop with the arrival of new talent and the growth of artists we already respect. This week's post is a compilation of the new breed, as well as veterans who took the stage this month. So kickback and listen to this weeks "We Speak Baylingual" playlist, and let us know what you think.
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