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The American Dream is a Sinister Nightmare

Great job Adriana! Thank you for telling your dad's story, which, of course, is your story too. Keep writing to heal our families, our communities around the world and, very important, to heal ourselves. 'Ofa atu (Love to you in Tongan), Loa

3 Words: "Do Or Die" -- A Jean Melesaine Photo Essay

Awesone Job and so glad you got to come to our great city!PS We met at your workshop at our spring training for the public defender in June. Hope our department can utilize your talents and experience in the future!!! Janey

The Luther Block Chronicles: In Pictures

I'm very PROUD of you Danny who you become and where you going 2 and the things you're accomplishing... you're so intelligent son and I want you to continue doing the thing you love to do...and for trying to help others and that's an amazing ...

Thank You Kevin


The Life and Times of Kevin Weston

I am blown away by how beautiful this is. Thank you Josue and Thank you Debug for honoring Kevin so beautifully.

Thank You Kevin

Good work Raj! I wish I could bring myself to write something for him. I just can't...

Thank You Kevin

Raj, I remember you when we did a Global Exchange Reality Tour in SV. It's been a long time! Nice tribute to Kevin. Perhaps I'll see you at the memorial Saturday. Keep up the good work! Barb

Santa Clara County Judicial Candidates Asked to Respond to Issues of Homelessness

I am very concerned about the manner department 19 court cases are being handled by Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian. There are many individuals who, with credible reason believe that Judge Manoukian is intentionally sabotaging court cases. Some of these have nexus to cases in department 3 and involve what appears ...

Santa Clara County Judicial Candidates Asked to Respond to Issues of Homelessness

Thanks to De-Bug for publishing these responses to Stop The Ban's judicial forum. I was present for candidate Annrae Angel's responses in person and I read the written responses of candidate Julianne Sylva. I am most impressed with Ms. Sylva's responses. They are very well thought out ...

San Jose "COPS" Show Is A Bad Idea For Police Department

The ONLY thing that COPS will do is burnish in people's minds around the world is that the City of San Jose is an unsafe place. Travel around the world. COPS is seen everywhere and people's reaction of the US is based on this. They will assume everywhere ...
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