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Six Months of Freedom

me again, Tom...............so good to hear you are doing well. Hey, I always told my dear first graders to try hugging a tree to help "ground them"...........I see you love trees as well. Dear God, I pray my friend Tom will contact me here in Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA ...

Finding Work After 34 Years in Prison

Tom............I hope and pray buddy you get this info from me. I am your Canadian pen pal that wrote to you last Fall of 2013.Congratulations on your parole, Tom!!!!! Good for you my dear friend..........I am so proud of you. I would love to reconnect with you ...

Leaving My Undocumented Life, Starting My College Life

Congratulations! So happy for you!!

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Breaking Bread In Puerto Rico

thank you Jean for such a lovely view of our Island... its a wonderful thing to see someone else's view our my culture... Love you

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Breaking Bread In Puerto Rico

Wonderful blog! It was great meeting you at the Librería and having you listen to some plena! I hope to see you again when I visit the Bay in September!

3 Words: "Do Or Die" -- A Jean Melesaine Photo Essay

What caused the violence that you talk about - crack like in NOLA? And did it coincide with most of the white residents moving out of the area, resulting in boarded up houses, empty streets, underfunded schools and derelict playgrounds? Finding these pictures and the associated naratives greatly leads to my ...

The American Dream is a Sinister Nightmare

Great job Adriana! Thank you for telling your dad's story, which, of course, is your story too. Keep writing to heal our families, our communities around the world and, very important, to heal ourselves. 'Ofa atu (Love to you in Tongan), Loa

3 Words: "Do Or Die" -- A Jean Melesaine Photo Essay

Awesone Job and so glad you got to come to our great city!PS We met at your workshop at our spring training for the public defender in June. Hope our department can utilize your talents and experience in the future!!! Janey

The Luther Block Chronicles: In Pictures

I'm very PROUD of you Danny who you become and where you going 2 and the things you're accomplishing... you're so intelligent son and I want you to continue doing the thing you love to do...and for trying to help others and that's an amazing ...

Thank You Kevin

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