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My Mixed Emotions About San Jose Hosting Super Bowl 50

Very well written! San Jose should make San Jose a great place to be for our own community, not only while guests are in town. It's like San Jose doesn't realize that if they made downtown a better place, $ would follow.

A Glimpse into the Underground World of Selling Sex at Super Bowl 50

That is definitely eye-opening. Thank you for sharing that story

Santa Clara County Public Defender Voices Strong Opposition to the "Crime Free Multi-Housing Initiative"

This kind of vague law can also lead to systemically racist results. When the requirements for evicting people are low and the criteria are vague and subjective the process can easily become unfair. People of color and poor people need to be protected by due process just like anybody else.

No Sympathy for Those Labeled "Violent Criminal"

Im proud of you my son for realizing that the choices you have made where not always the right choices but you have owned up to your misbehavior and conduct you have come a long way and you are doing great things now for yourself and many others. keep up ...

In Michigan, Petitioning Against The Government Lands You a Prison Sentence

So they contradict everything Governor Rick Snyder says on what he has done to our Community we all have suffer enough with the illness, water issue and all his lies that he is feeding to the people that he supposed to protect and serve, he killing us all. If Governor ...

UPDATE: San Jose Street Musician Calls Out Super Bowl Week Vendor Ban

San Jose is getting a little too big for their britches. The legality of the ordinance is certainly a question here. And, the Superbowl is not even in San Jose. It's in Santa Clara. San Jose certainly elected the wrong mayor, and this kind of nonsense is the result ...

The Broken Man of the Silicon Valley

I talk to homeless people. Like they're human beings or something. An astounding number come from tech backgrounds. We're talking they were engineers. You wanna know where John Galt is? He busted his back working in a warehouse and now lives under a bridge. His job was offshored ...

UPDATE: San Jose Street Musician Calls Out Super Bowl Week Vendor Ban

I have enjoyed Red's playing for years. He is a perfectionist. No sour notes from him! Not only that but no matter what the city council says, busking, for that is what playing or performing on the public areas is called, is legal. This has been taken to court ...

Amazing Photographs of Reclaiming of MLK Day

So proud of those activists! We must do better in our governmental actions against blacks and other minorities. #NormalizeTolerance #BlackLivesMatter #NonViolentMindsets

The Only Affordable Place to Live in San José is My Car

Try looking into campgrounds -- like KOA. There is one in San Jose. When I lived in my car one summer and drove around the US I always looked for campgrounds and they are pretty cheap. They don't care if you sleep in your car, they have showers, and you ...
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