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On Mental Health Issues, Gun Control, and Child Incarceration

Thanks for sharing your perspective Shaunn. It seems that stigma and denial around mental illness sometimes delays treatment. Also, the way mental illness is covered (or not covered) by health insurance can result in intentional misdiagnosis to meet insurance requirements. And that can result in all kinds of problems including ...

Choppin Game with the 13 year old photographer, "Kid Nuñez"


The ‘Torment of Isolation’ – Ending Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

I feel for them, the system uses this type of seclusion to break your spirit. take strength from it, use the time to forge your mind into a weapon and show these pigs that you arent beholden to their intimidation and demands. the simple act of refusing to comply is ...

Exodus From The Jungle: The Story Of That Morning

somtime's you have to claw your way out

No Sympathy for Those Labeled "Violent Criminal"

timothy that was very very good.. you have always been a smart young man..you just made some bad choices..but, that doesn't make you a BAD PERSON... You have always been very respectful and polite ..you have a big heart aswell..don't let no one take that ...

Proposed Bay Area Wage Study is Flawed and Divisive

I'm trying to figure out why people are surprised. Who were the Mayor's biggest election contributors .. To really determine what you are going to get as a private citizen and a voter in any election be it national , state , county or local, follow the money.. That's who ...

Prison Law Office Cited Serious "Constitutional Violations" in Santa Clara County Jail

At first I lauded Sheriff Laurie Smith when she quickly acted to arrest the three correctional officers. However, after learning that there were multiple complaints for the use of excessive force against one of these guards, and further reading the above letter, I realize there are major institutional problems within ...

A Guerrilla Memorial for Tiburcio Vásquez on the Anniversary of His Hanging in San José’s St. James Park

Outstanding article of my father's grandfather which his dad's name is Tiburcio Vasquez . My name is Vincent Tiburcio Vasquez and I'm proud to be related to Mr Tiburcio Vasquez.

Lawsuit Against City of San Jose Aims to End Racial Bias in Policing

It's so sad that this is only for cases up to a year, this has happened to a family member of mine a year and a half ago. The officers stopped my (Latino) brother on his bike for not having and rear reflecting light while on the way to ...

Palo Alto to Enforce the Largest Mass Displacement of People in History of the City

Palo Alto's Buena Vista ethnic cleansing efforts are back in full force-The Billionaire owner of the mobile home park is refusing to consider 29 million dollar offer from a non profit company wanting to preserve the low income housing. I am unsympathetic with the owner's fictitious claim that ...
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