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The Dance of Peace Spreading Magic in Santa Cruz

Hope and compassion! Looking forward to your book.

We Are Hungry For Justice! #TheFriscoFive

http://www.ethiopiancrown.org/ would like to announce HOUSING OPPORUNITY FOR LOW INCOME PEOPLE WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN TO HOMELESS , SENIORS AND DISABLED IN SAN FRANCISCO. PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE BELOW TO FILL OUT PRE APPLICATION . https://sfha.apply4housing.com/ The San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) is currently accepting Section 8 ...

Dancing for Peace In Sin City

Beautiful story and journey! Thank you for all you do! Peace peace peace! Love love love!

Rent Control Vote is Ultimately About Racism and Inequality

Sensational and misleading mixed bag of non-ARO related issues above. Landlords are simply concerned about staying in business ... which is providing and maintaining low income housing in San Jose to people of all social strata. Ironically, Tenant Advocate and Housing Department proposals calling for more strict Rent Control will erode ...

SJ Creamery Screenprint Showdown Design

Cool design, I like it!

Casa Chikimalas: A San Jose Badass Women's Collective

Awesome. Can't wait to collaborate on something creative.

Childlike Aliveness with the Dance of Peace

Where is the location for dance of peace in SF? I thought I saw one in front of Bayview Opera House.

The Degrading Experience of Trying to Rent in Silicon Valley

You really tell the truth, and with more feeling and eloquence than any story I see in the New York Times. Not only should you get a place to live, but someone should give you a job as a writer.

They Tried to Make Me a Murderer

This story hits so close to home. Reading this brings up so many emotions. My son was wrongfully convicted, and was given a sentence of 15 to Life. So when I read that Ramon Vasquez got to finally go home to his family it feels bitter/sweet.... Bitter that he ...

My Mixed Emotions About San Jose Hosting Super Bowl 50

Very well written! San Jose should make San Jose a great place to be for our own community, not only while guests are in town. It's like San Jose doesn't realize that if they made downtown a better place, $ would follow.
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