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Prop 57 Offers Hope, Opportunity to CA Youth

I am so happy that Proposition 57 passed. I have a son who is currently being trialed as direct file adult. Him and two other youth were convinced to plea guilty this past September. He was 16 when he and the two other youth were convicted of 3 felonies, for ...

Stepping Out of the Pages of My Foremothers’ Violent History

Powerful testimony, honest, transparent, fearless...also sadness, struggle, change...I feel you and wish all the healing transformation possible for you to be who you want to become con orgullo y amor a ti misma❤️

Prop 57 Offers Hope, Opportunity to CA Youth

My son has been sentence to 6yrs in prison for being in the presence of a gun. The system claims this harsh sentence was due to a previous strike. My 23yrs son was moved to a prison where he was placed in common area with level 3's and 4 ...

Welcome Life and be Amazed - The Dance of Peace in the South

I spotted you on the corner of San Carlos in San Jose as I sat at the red light today. Transfixed and mesmerized by the beauty and gracefulness of your dance, I lost my train of thought as I tried to engage in the conversation I was having. I told ...

How a Vato Fell in Love With Hockey

When you grow up totally removed from sports, it's hard to understand why so many people live and die by their teams' ranking. Reading your piece helps me better understand the story behind how fans are captivated. It boils down to stories, connections, and a sense of belonging. Thanks ...

I'm a U.S. Air Force Veteran and an Oakland Raider Fan Who Stands with Kaepernick

Well written Corey...Kaps protest opened my eyes to all of the lyrics in Americas National Anthem and like Kap, I will no longer stand for a song that glorifies the terror and killing of slaves...As a people we need more of our history...knowledge is power...Corey thank ...

I'm a U.S. Air Force Veteran and an Oakland Raider Fan Who Stands with Kaepernick

FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Great writing Corey!!!!!! I hope it gets shared FAR and WIDE!!!

Don't Judge Persky Decision, or Any Sentence, in a Vacuum

I enjoyed reading your article very informative about brock's case and the judicial system. I also enjoyed the insight into the probation in detail.

Pop Up Editorial at Teatro Visión's Macario Rehearsal

Macario is amazing everyone and their mums went to go see it and i'm sure 2016 will be the best.

The Broken Man of the Silicon Valley

It's sad and it happens to many people which is why it is important to know and retell these stories so that we won't forget when it happens to us.
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